Product Testing

Metavega Pure322

  Here we have a new product from Metavega and it has changed our game. This is an organic solvent used for extractions. it is formulated to extract 100% of the cannabinoids. We have increased our yields and quality and cut down on production time by nearly 95%. 0 impurities and brings out the true essence of our flower/material.


247Garden's fabric pots

247Garden sent five 5 gallon fabric pots. You can't over water and the air flow allows your roots to "self prune" and grow properly. Thank you 247Garden!!


SubCool sent two 5 packs of regular seeds. One pack was "Yesterdayswine" and the other was "Cannabiotics". Had 100% germination. Thank you SubCool!!

SubCool's seeds


Growers Choice Seeds sent a five pack of feminized seeds. Strain is "Durban Poison". 100% germination. Thank you Grower's Choice!

Thank you _growers choice us for the “Du
growers choice logo.png

  BlueLab's combo meter is an amazing all-in-one gadget. It reads temperature, nutrients, and PH. Also, the leap probe that was sent with this can be used to check the PH of any type of medium you are using. The leap probe stays in a small bottle filled with KCL fluid to ensure accuracy. It also tells you when it needs to be calibrated. Great product and I would not use any other. Thank you BlueLab!! 

Bluelab's combo meter


ONIT Sciences' Grow Additive

We use ONIT Sciences' grow additive in all of our cannabis plants. This additive produces thicker stocks, tighter nodes, and greener color. The buds are thirsty for this nutrient and this allows them to grow healthier than ever! Watch the video below for a demonstration! Thank you ONIT Sciences for this great product!!  


TrimBag sent us two TrimBags. They are used to trim fully-dried buds after harvest without having to touch the buds with your hands. Put in the products, shake, and they are trimmed! Thank you TrimBag!!