Xtractions, autoflowers, cabin grow..... will never end and I love it


here is some of the “platinum Kush mints” flower run. Pulling between 20-25% on this flower using pure322 organic solvent By MetaVega. we still have that closed loop extractor we need to put together still. We took 7.2 grams of this wax and got it into the vac chamber to stable it up so we could package properly. Here is What it looked like after the hour in the chamber...

When the material is fresh the lighter the color. The moment your ready to start curing your flower is the best time to blast it. Low water content and your able to pack more material the drier it is, properly to keep the yield up.

Cartridge wax

Earlier this past week we started a 100 cart order. They supplied the material and we extracted, wintwrized and made it into strawberry cough and grape flavor carts using Wax Liquidizer products. This is the blast for the other 50 carts. This has already been winterized and is ready to get out into some carts. New full ceramic carts from MetaVega should be in today or latest tomorrow.

Trim run

earlier This week we harvested the flower room. We packed our MY Herbs Now dryer with the flower and we wet trimmed it before hand. This blast was from the trim of that flower. And it came out awesome and again using pure322 organic solvent.

Above is just before collection

Cabin grow

apparently we are having electrical issues, but that was kinda expected. Yesterday the breaker didn’t trip, everything was securely plugged in..... just reset the breaker and it was fine and everything was back on working and functioning properly. We do need to figure out about running the 3 phase we have still just hanging around ... I need it for this cabin grow.

being the first day of flower yesterday this electrical issue wasn’t such a big deal for the moment, but this cannot happen again. So when we reset the breaker we left the timers and everything where they were, which was at the point of the lights clicking on by what the timer said. So the lights now come on about 11:45 or so and I got someone keeping an eye on it for me. But things look good still. Canopy is pretty even and I do expect to get some awesome flower by these 315 watt CMH lights.

Flower room

flower room now contains 5 testers from @1212homegrown, from Instagram. these are “creature bear og” auto flower crosses for testers. Got them in one gallon fabric pots and again I feel like keeping them in these one gallons will be fine, just don’t know how big these get before they start to flower. Yesterday we pulled out the second male, started with 7 of them.

Above, one of the males. Below is of the topping...


We got some killer bag seeds happening on the T5 table. All in either one gallon fabrics

or plastic pots. Slamming that T5 light down as close as I can to the tops. These will be brought into the veg room in the next few weeks. We will sex them at that point. These are preparing to be brought to the cabin grow, once it’s ready to accept them. At that time we will transplant into either 5 or ten gallon pots and preferably fabrics. We got 11 here

new seedlings

We got a package in the other day of some fire genetics. One part was completely smashed...

Which is sad but the other special ones were fine...

So we got four “specials” happening that we are planning for the indoor grow. 3-4 at a time is really the most we can do comfortably specially with the way we usually train. We go for canopys so four is really maxing us out. Super excited for these

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