Xtraction and grow room update + cartridge giveaway

Now you can skip the actual blog and go straight to the bottom where the rules and giveaway are 😂 💯


so yesterday we didn’t do much in the grow rooms but feed them. But we did plant the clones from the cloner into one gallon pots.

After 14 days in the cloner these are the roots we got on our first ever go at clones with a cloner. 7 out of ten were like this and the other 3 only had a few little roots on them that I was not going to try and plant.

Even though they look mangled I’m happy. Next round of clones will be made smaller at about 4-6 inches instead of 8-9-10 inches 😆 and we used Clonex cloning solution and just going by the directions. These clones are from the juicy fruit and the marshmallow gobbstopper from Pure Smoke Boutiques which we know are females. so even tho they are mangled I’m pumped. A few went into fabrics and a few went into plastic pots. So we now have a full veg room again..... where did the others go in the veg room You might ask?? Well.....

We took 8 of them and got them into a plastic tote and brought them to the other location. These are random bag seed plants from the material we have been blasting they were hand picked if they looked good to me I kept them. We found two males in the bunch and then planted the rest (6) into the ground. We needed space in the veg room...

Cabin Grow

yesterday we found one of the monster cropped juicy fruits starting to sprout “nanners“ so we had to chop her and we froze the flower for extraction later. We will dry this flower in the MyHerbsNow dryer and then we will blast it once it’s crispy dry with, as always, pure322 organic solvent by MetaVega....

So now we are left with 9 left in the cabin grow..

Branded Cartridges

We still had about 7 grams of the winterized oil from the last batch of carts. We took the last 5ml of mango flavor, from Wax Liquidizer, and took 2.5 grams of the extract and made 7 carts with our new branded carts 🎉

And you may have an idea but you have no idea how pumped I am about these.

and to show my website followers some love we are doing a GIVEAWAY 🎉

Giveaway time!! 🎉

rules: - first: one to comment on this post will receive a “WRP” cartridge

- second: comment and pick a number between 0 and 420

we will randomly generate a winner at the end of the day at 8 pm east coast time. Winners will need to send me there full shipping Info. This is for within the United State and Canada. Winner outside the 🇺🇸 will need to pay for shipping otherwise shipping will be free as it should be in a giveaway.

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