“Wreckage” extraction, drying the outdoor harvest and grow update 🎉 💯 💚


We picked up some “wreckage” the other day. This flower has a killer flowery smell to it and has a super strong terpene profile that is definitely one of kind.

Our first run yielded just over 3 grams of extract from 17 grams of flower. And is now sealed for curing. This will cure as a sauce. As usual Using pure322 organic solvent and you can get yours at www.pure322.com and use “waxroom10” for a discount.

We also have this mason jar that’s full of washes from the Pyrex blasting dish and sub par extracts we couldn’t do much with at the time. This jar is going to be our test run once the powdered B80 clay comes in.... we should be able to get this clear or at least close to clear 🥳 we had it out in the sun letting the sun pop all the green that was in the solution.


With being in a time crunch we took the out door harvest we had hang drying and we got it all into the My Herbs Now dryer and we left it untrimmed.

Once these out door flowers are bone dry we will pack one of the extraction tubes and maybe we’ll use the 36 inch tube and do it all in one blast.

Cabin Grow

We are on day 2 of flushing the cabin. We will be running straight plain ph water and on day 14 we will allow the pots to dry out for 4 days or so after the last flushing. This will help lock in he terps and speed up our drying process while helping the curing process as well. We will be getting the next round of girls ready and see how we do growing in here as we get to the colder months the of the year. Of course there will be some equip ment replacing and getting a heater possibly. 🥳


The next strain we will be poppin will be the “banana French cookies” by Pure Smoke Boutique and every strain we pop from these guys will be brought through our indoor grow process and cutting will be taken as well as feminizing one of them for feminized seeds. 🎉

12 site Cloner

So the last two rounds were complete failures. Our first round went flawlessly. So in preparation of starting a fourth round of clones I completely cleaned the Cloner and rid of it of any salts. We will start this round at 30ml of clone solution by Clonex to one gallon of water and we will bring the ph between 5.5-6.5. Flower Room

We will be bring one of the feminized bubba hash Into flower. keeping this flower room full is the goal throughout the year. We also need to get a new light to replace the led in the back left corner that’s over the creature beam og F2. The last two mandarin hammers are on week 2 and 3 of flower.

Apparel and accessories

head over to waxroomproduction.com/shop to find Wax room hoody’s, shirts and pen battery’s. 🎉 💯 💚

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