Winterizing, tube packing, cartridges and grows.... an I’m late to work already

Winterizing and extraction prep

we did a small winterizing and finished it finally yesterda. we did not weigh out what we dropped in for the winterizing... I know, but we came out with 3.2 of shatter after running it through the vac chamber for the last few hours. We took that shatter and mixed in 6 ml of Wax Liquidizer in blueberry. Came out better then the last ones. Would love to get these tested for potency sometime.

we did end up packing the 18 inch tube with 57 grams of “platinum Kush breathe” flower. We will be running this tube this morning at some point using 3-3.5 cans of pure322 organic solvent by Metaveg. tube is in the freezer and it stayed over night and this can help the end yield.

we did have a small extraction yesterday with the 6 inch tube. We had 27 grams of platinum Kush breathe and we ran one and half cans of pure322 and we yielded over 8.5 grams of wax!!


veg room has got a bunch of mixed stages going on.... we’ll start with the 8 clones. These clones were monster cropped by a friend and I do know one strain is a “juicy fruit” and the flower from this smells exactly like juicy fruit gum, amazing. We transplanted these 8 clones into one gallon smartpots using Fox Farm ocean forest soil. we added in Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment. This retains water for a longer period of time while making your nutrients more readily available for your roots to uptake. Next we have the ”sour sorbet” from seed we got from another friend. Not to sure about this strain but super excited to have it cone through this grow. Next is the “mendo cookies” from “Twenty 20 Mendocino” and this strain is already my favorite only because it’s got Cookies, lol. Next we have the one feminized “Durban poison” from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. We have been holding onto this bean for over a year now. we had a few of these go through the outdoor grow last year so we are going to run it again through that grow. And then We have two “TS Cubed” and a “dairy shake” from Sanctuary Seeds. We installed Simple Yield Solutions support/scrog systemin the “dairy shake”. everything in the one gallon pots all get fed the same Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences mix. 8ml of grow, micro and bloom with 5 mo of ONIT sciences organic grow additive to one gallon of water. And the one here in the 3 gallon pots get fed 16 ml of grow, micro and bloom with 5 ml of the organic grow additive. And we have a another light coming from Grow Light Official, woohoo


These clones were taken from the “TS Cubed” in the veg room. Used fox farm and a rooting hormone. In the big bubble with all theee vents nearly closed. The small T5 keeps the whole thing nice and warm and humid. Leaving a little water to run through the channels at the bottom, our last test clones started showing roots on day 5. again I’m trying to make things happen with 0$ so I hope this helps someone


Day 49 of flower and we have about 16 days to go With “slice the pie” and this harvest we are not going to you the Harvest Fight freeze dryer. there needs to be more testing on lesser quality flower to get the formula down correctly. And it’s day 35 for the “stoner 63” “stoner 63-2” and “TS Cubed” again all from Sanctuary Seeds. Today we will be feeding there full strength feed today. Again all of our grows get a mix of Advanced Nuteients and ONIT Sciences. And I can’t stress it enough, your canopy is everything especially when growing indoors or i should say tight spaces. Regardless you will always yield more when focusing on your canopy. Understand you’re lighting and it’s penetration and the only real way to do this is just by doing it and wanting to be better at it. You learn better when it’s something your passionate about, lol you don’t need exspensive equipment to have a good grow.


we got these from Pure Smoke Boutique the other day and I am going to start five of them today to tomorrow, one of each strain..... or I may start all of them. Theoretically we have the space now and if not now as soon as the new light comes in. So I think I may start all of these myself ..... idk I want to share them with other growers tho, ones who are ready to pop them tho.

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