Winterizing, seedlings and clones and grow room update 🥳 💯 💚


We sourced some killer flower today. We picked up a couple zips of “mother of berries” and holly fuck 🤣 so we got two full 18 inch tubes extracted.

each tube was filled properly with 25 grams of flower per tube. Running 2 cans of pure322 (use waxroom10 for a discount) and running both blasts in a warm water bath to purge of the bulk of the solvent.

The first extraction we flooded with 190 proof grain alcohol after the warm water bath.

dissolving the extraction and collecting it and sealing it in a sealed container and bringing to freezing temperatures allows the fats and lipids to seperate. once the solution has separated we are ready to filter through the Buckner Funnel.

This stage of the winterizing goes pretty quick. Once filtered all the way t her Pugh we then get the solution into a food safe silicone and on to a heating pad set to high to purge off the alcohol. We will finish it up in the vac chamber in the morning. And the filtering pulls out quite a bit of junk

we are purging the alcohol now and preparing the extract for cartridges. Right now we are using our back up cartridges which are the original metal ones.

Flower Room

so our feeding for the flower room, and this goes for any girl coming into the flower room for there flowering stage. we use Advanced Nutrients which is synthetic. The measurements per gallon of water goes 8ml of bud candy, 10ml of grow, 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom. watering and then allowing the pots to fully dry out and then do a plain water watering ph between 5.5-6.5 this helps ensure your plant uses the nutrients and there won’t be such a build up of salts. And we try to keep one light per plant to have the most intensity we can. Trichomes are the sunscreen of marijuana.

12 site Cloner

we have ten cuttings we are trying to root. We have four regular cuts from one of the mandarin hammers and we have two monster cropped cuts of the same strain as well as two monster crop cuts of the marshmallow Gobbstopper. We started the solution for this batch at 30ml of clone solution per gallon of water. And it looks like we are already getting little root nubs 🤣....nubs. Wednesday we will change this solution out and up the concentration to 40ml of solution per gallon.


We got the strawnana tangilope feom Pure Smoke Boutique under the cheap LED in the 2x4 tent. This light is great for another week or so and then we will need to up the the wattage. We added a bit more soil to the lengthy ones and sturdied them back up. Looks like tomorrow we will give them for there first real feeding of 6ml of grow, micro and bloom and we will use that for the next week or so to keep them fed. Again keeping a flushing in between each feeding and allowing the pots to totally dry out In between, fully.

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