Winterizing, prepping for carts, waiting the “ok” for outdoor grow, grow room update

Officially day 2 of flower for “dairy shake” and “TS Cubed”.....

We brought the two into flower just after harvest the other day. Dairy shake utilizing Simple Yield Solutions independent support/scrog system on it. When this one starts putting on weight we won’t have to worry about them splitting apart, the support system will hold the weight and keep its form better then without it. Few more days and the other two will be coming down and we will then bring the last one from the veg room to flower. We will be doubling up two lights for one of the plant. still need a proper air exchanger for this room, in-line fan and some ducting right to the window that’s in here would be perfect. Running two in line fans. one pulling in clean fresh air and one pushing out exhaust.

This shot was taken just before the 400 watt metal halide came on. these three clones and the girl in the three gallon pots are just awaiting for there spots to open. Clones will be going out with 9 others from the T5 table...

And the ones designated to be choice for the out door grow are the ones in the one gallon smart pots. The five in the black one gallon plastic pots are the five new exotics from Pure Smoke Boutiques witch will be staying in the indoor grow.

We started a small winterizing project. We have roughly 3 grams being cleaned out with 190 proof grain alcohol. This will be for a couple of cartridges in one of the new flavors once they come In, witch should be today. Still on the hunt for material. We are going through 20+ grams a day.

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