Winterizing more marshmallow Gobbstopper and close to harvest with the mandarin hammers 🎉 💯


So we finally got the 18 inch tube extracted yesterday. We packed it a couple of days ago but just got to blasting it yesterday. This blast is being used for the next batch of “grape ape” cartridges. So the first step after extraction is to dissolve it in grain alcohol

in dissolving the extraction we poured in just enough alcohol to cover the extraction and then giving it enough time to dissolve

Once full dissolved we seal it in a mason jar and get it into the freezer

And even now before freezing the solution you can see it’s cloudy. Not to long in the freezer and the solution is separated and ready to filter

Fitting the Buckner funnel with a 2.5 micron filter cut to fit and then fitting a simple coffee filter on top of that. Connecting the vacuum pump to the funnel and then filtering the solution.

And this step is so important to complete. Without completing this step your cartridges would clog and taste burnt almost immediately. we then empty the flask into a food safe silicone dish and place on a heating pad to purge off the bulk of the alcohol and we then finish. In the vac chamber

Once we get to the vac chamber we are only hours away, or sooner, from a finished product. Playing with the pressures and collecting on its self as the rest of the alcohol purges off

And we are almost done 🎉 we will pull this out of the chamber one more time and fold it on its self and we will pull one more full vac and we are done. And ready for cartridges.


And yes we have roots. After a couple failed attempts, after having our first attempt being flawless, we now have roots again. 🎉 these cuttings are from the feminized bubba hash.

Mandarin Hammer

We pulled the mandarin hammer out of the flower room so we could get a better look at her. And what an awesome strain Cross. We are now flushing the two mandarin hammers with plain ph water to 6.0 and we got the stalks on both split. This is to help with the resin production. last few weeks of a plants life is best to stress out by splitting the stalk, when the plant thinks it’s dying it’s defense mechanism is to create more resin so 🎉 😂

Battery‘s and accessories

we got the new black battery’s in and we got the boxes all stickered up. These are variable wattage with a pre heat setting. These go great with our new cartridges. Also find our apparel and accessories at 🎉 💯 💚

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