Winterizing is done, and the exotics are about to be transplanted

Yesterday we blasted into a mason jar. We used the 6 inch extraction tube and one can of pure322. We ran the warm water bath as usual and then started the winterizing process immediately.........

- pics of the process in order from bottom to top

Using 190 proof grain alcohol we dissolved the blast In The mason jar and got it into the freezer. After some time a lot of the fats and lipids separated. Keeping the whole process in the freezer, you do t want it to warm up at all or else the fats and lipids will slide through and you do not want that. we Placed it on a heating pad over night in a silicone dish to let the bulk of the alcohol evaporate. And this morning she now sits in the vac chamber purging the rest of the solvent. we will be making carts with this concentrate.

Flower room

Day 55 of flower for “slice the pie“ and it’s on day 5 of its flushing. day 42 for the others and we will start there flush in 8 days or so. Using Advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive, I think we found the right combination of nutrients. we got the new 1000 watt equivalent LED from “Grow Light Official”, on Instagram, hanging over the stoner 63. This light is a Full Spectrum light... and it is the brightest light we got so far. all sit in 3 gallon pots in fox farm ocean forest soil. We will need to get the exhaust system for this room going soon. These lights are making things hot.

Veg room

Veg room now has plenty of room. We got three of the monster cropped clones under the LED that we just installed the other day. Witch those three clones does have the Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment. and the three in the 3 gallon pots are sitting

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