Winterizing, how we feed our grows and training/grow update πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š


yesterday we got a few extractions done. First one we did was of the lemon diesel which weighed roughly 30 grams. we packed it up into the 12 inch tube and ran two cans of pure322 through it.

We ran it through the warm water bath πŸ›€ and purged most of the solvent out.

We then collected it and got it weighed up. We got roughly 3.2 grams. Which was a much better yield then that Girl Scout cookies we did.

Above is the lemon diesel collected and ready for curing. πŸ₯³

the next blast we did was for carts. Using some of the flower material we had of the Kashmir Kush and got it packed and blasted

We then flooded this dish with grain alcohol and got it dissolved

Once dissolved we get it collected into a mason jar. And into the freezer. This is where the separation of the fats and lipids happens.

Once the separation happens we are ready for filtering using the Buckner funnel

We have fitted the hopper with a simple coffee filter that sits on top of the glass filter. We the hook up the Buckner funnel to the vac pump and were ready

Once the filtering starts it only takes a minute or so to finish filtering. We do need to get a deep freezer and figuring out how to keep dry ice on hand.

Above, this is what causes issues specially when making cartridges. What we pull out of the extractions is surprising everytime πŸ˜† and from this point we purge the bulk of the alcohol on a heating pad and this morning it will be getting into the vac chamber to finish the degassing of the alcohol.

Cabin grow

cabin grow is doing pretty good. We are fully into flower now and feeding these girls the max strength with Advanced Nutrients. Anything that goes into flower gets fed 10ml of grow and 15ml of micro and 15ml of bloom with 8ml of bud candy additive. We will run this right up until it starts to show signs of being done, factoring in the finish time by the breeder, trichomes, and hair colors. Those three combined will give you a great estimated harvest window. Two weeks before the chop date we start the 14 day flush using plain ph water between 6.4-6.8 we may stock split these as well when it cones

time. I just told you my whole flowering process πŸ₯³

Flower room

so fucking happy with these

mandarin hammers 🀣 πŸŽ‰ the one we are on day three of flushing with is super frosty. The πŸ‘ƒ is awesome. Sweet and slinky cheese smell. Definitely finished quick and probably is one of these quickest finishing strains. And we are now flushing the one with ph water between 6.4-6.8. We are still feeding the other two mandarin hammers the full strength like I explained above. The day we chop this one is the day we start flushing the other one.

And properly stressing your plants at the end of there life cycle will help to produce a better quality flower. We have now split this stock on this one in attempt to get some more terpenes created.

Above, this is the most recent mandarin hammer we brought into flower. It’s around week 3 of flower and we do have it under the 800 watt led. we will do one more defoliating of her where we get rid of the underneath stuff that will become larfy.

And in the bavk of the flower room under the 1000 watt led are the creature bear og F2 autoflowers. these two girls are just fun. We topped these two and you can see a big difference in characteristics but do expect these two to produce something great like the last round. πŸŽ‰

Veg Room

So the T5 light pull cord broke 😞 😑 so I gotta fix that, this forced me to bring the Strawnanna tangilope into the flower room and off to the side and trying to keep them happy. We have four of them and these will stay in the one gallon pots till we properly sex them and we will put them into flower to check sex in a few weeks and revert back to veg.

These are from Pure Smoke πŸ’¨ Boutique. we will be doing a few rounds of clones with these.

Above, we have two mandarin hammers that are sitting in three gallon fabrics. We are training these two extensively to get those β€œepic” canopyβ€˜s specially growing indoors you want to utilize the space you have for maximum efficiency. We will be taking cuttings of these two soon for a round of clones in the 12 site Cloner. We have a few that need to go out to a few friends.

Also in three gallon pots are the feminized bubba hash from The Attitude Seed Bank. after the seedling stage we feed them 10ml of grow micro and bloom per one gallon for a couple weeks and then we go right into max strength for veg which for us is 15ml grow 15mo of micro and 10ml of bloom.

Apparel and accessories is where you can get all your wax room gear πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š

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