Winterizing for cartridges and indoor/outdoor grow update 🎉 💯 💚

Extractions and cartridges

we started the process making our new and improved cartridges. Using the “sour sorbet” as our Starting material we blasted one 18 inch tube using pure322 organic solvent. After we blast and run the warm water bath (above) we flooded the Pyrex dish with 190 proof grain alcohol. And let the extract dissolve. This is the start of our winterizing...

Once extract is dissolved we poured it into a Mason jar and put the lid on it. We then placed the mason jar into the freezer and allowed the solution get to freezing temperature. this allows the fats and lipids to seperate out of the solution...

Once to freezing temps you can see the “cloudiness” means we are ready to run this solution through the Buckner funnel.

In the hopper we fitted a coffee filter over the glass filter. We the. Hooked the vac pump to it and dumped the solution into it. This step physically takes the fats and lipids out of the solution. Once this filtering step is done the solution looks like this....

Nice and clear and sometimes we run a second filtering but one is usually suffice. We are then ready to evaporate the alcohol out of it. Our method is a little behind but we dump the solution into a food safe silicone and place it onto a heating pad and set it to hi and this purges off the bulk of the alcohol. once the bulk is purged off we place it into the vac chamber to finish the process

And once this process is finished we will collect it up and weight it out we will the. Figure out our ratio and start putting together our carts. 🎉 which that happens this morning after this blog. And to go with these new and improved 🔥 carts we got our ”wax room productions” pen battery’s in...

Which you can pick up for 15$ just shoot us a message for any inquiries.

Flower Room

our indoor flower room has a couple weeks to go before we start flushing for harvesting. And let’s get this straight 😂 flushing does not flush the plant of anything flushing allows the plant to use up all the nutrients that are left in its system from soil to plant. Flushing is a must for a clean enjoyable smoke. These two are the “marshmallow Gobbstopper“ and “juicy fruit” clone which we did take cuttings of and its what we are running right now in the cabin. For this flower room we have found running 3 gallon fabric pots work well for our style of growing. It helps mature the plant faster and we just have better over all results

cabin grow

The other day we snagged the marshmallow Gobbstopper and juicy fruit clones from the veg room....

And we transplanted them into 5 gallon pots and we used a soil from Fox Farm which is new to us. Cones with mychorizae and humic acid already in it.

And we set the room to 18/6. We are gonna give this room maybe 4 weeks of vegging time and we will then flip into flower. We are using Vivosun 315 watt metal halides. After transplanting them we have them there first full feeding using Advanced Nutrients. 🎉

Mandarin Hammer

we still have the mandarin hammer that we need to sex and get into the vegroom with the others. We should be able to tell there sex soon if not today. We will get the strongest ones transplanted into 3 gallon pots and once we harvest the flower room we will bring in 4 of the mandarin hammer to either finish vegging or flip right into flower.

Outdoor grow

Earlier this year we popped some bag seed beans to see what we would get. So we have five planted out in the ground. Been keeping a daily eye on them and we had one definite male we ripped out but there are a few showing to be female. So this grow is for shots and giggles 😝 and hopefully we’ll get some beauties out of it

We have five left. And we will be back there this morning to give them there daily look over and make sure we weed out any males that arose.

as of now we do have two strains on deck for wax. We have the juicy fruit and we have the sour sorbet and hopefully today we can get the Durban poison extracted and get that on the menu as well.

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