Winterizing, drying and curing your flower and gummies

back to the lab 🎉

Will be back today from bringing my daughter back to Nashville. never enough time with her and we now get back to the grind harder then ever before. She’ll be back December 26th definitely but if I can get my license here ASAP I can go down for weekends and anytime she doesn’t have school.


over the week we got our winterizing project to the final step in the vac chamber.

And after folding it on it’s self and playing with the pressure for a few hours we get to this point. We pull a full vac at this point u til we get this....

And this is now ready for cartridges. We will be making a few flavors using the last bits up of flavor from Wax Liquidizer. Grape ape and strawberry cough are the first two we are definitely getting done. We do have more material and will be doing some more extracting today.

(Above) is one of the “mother of berries“ trim run. Came out with a great color and we did throw some terps in from Gold Coast Terpenes. And of course using pure322 by Meta Vega and you can try this organic solvent out by visiting www.pure322.Com and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount.


After day 3 of hang drying in the cabin we pulled off most of the main fan leaves. we have our cabin pitch black with no light leaks and the A/C set to as cold as it can get and it is right around 59-60 degrees with a fan pointing away from them. No direct air movement other wise your blowing your taste away. finishing your flower off is one of the most important steps In Having a smooth and clean hitting flower.

New packaging

we got our new all black ceramic jars along with new white Mylar vac bags. we are getting labels and “freshness” deal labels worked on now. if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to contact us and let us know what you wanna see or just leave a comment below.

Find all your Wax Room Productions apparel and accessories at 🎉 💯 💚


@bombfactory710 on Instagram know what there doing. Packs of ten at 10mg pieces totaling 100mg 💥 and boy do they do more then the trick. If you would like Information on obtaining these or would just like info please feel free to contact us

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