Winterizing, cartridges and taking clones 🎉 as well as Indoor\outdoor update 💯 💚

Extraction and cartridges

over the weekend we did an extraction of the juicy fruit flower. After the warm water bath we flooded the pyRex dish with 190 proof grain alcohol. We dissolved it and got it into a mason jar for freezing....

After allowing the solution to get to freezing temperatures the fats and lipids freeze and seperate from the cannabinoids allowing us to then filter it through a Buckner funnel .....

After one filtering the solution is ready for purging of the alcohol. And just this one filtering we get out a quite bit of impurities

Simply using a good safe silicone and a heat pad (we’ll get proper equipment here soon) and usually within a 24 hour period, depending on amount.

we get to the goop stage where we then bring it into the vacuum chamber to finish the purging process..

After there is no more action coming from the extract we collect it and weigh it to figure out what our rations will be to put together our cartridges.

as we weighed this out to be 2.5 grams (small batch for testing) we then can figure out how much Wax Liquidizer to use For our cartridges

We double the amount of wax Liquidizer to extract. 2.5 grams for extract we add 5ml of solution which we have in blueberry at the moment.

After heating and mixing both extract and flavor together properly your ready to fill your cartridges. which we have one gram “wax room productions” carts fully ceramic.

As you see we have not gone through a distillation process. These are not distillate carts but DHO Carts. They are not the same!!

And as always you can purchase a wax room productions battery from us, just shoot us a message. Soon they will be up for sale on our website lol 😝 just the batteries.

Cabin Grow

The cabin has been performing flawlessly clicking on and things look great. we stocked up on water today at the spring with the empty gallon jugs and we grabbed one of the marshmallow Gobbstoppers we have now made into a mother plant

As we brought her back to the first location we took 12 cuttings and got them into the cloner.

Cutting them between 5-7 inches tall and prepping the footing zone properly by cutting our 45 degree angle and scraping the bottom inch or so to help facilitate the rooting process. Using Clonex cloning solution at 20ml per gallon of water and changing it and upping dose by 10ml every 4-5 days phing that water between 5.5-6.5.

Using or Blue Labs ph pen and leap probe.

we also prepped above the roots by clipping the tips and this helps send the hormones back to the bottom to help encourage root growth. And they now sit under the T5

Flower Room

flower room is completely full of all the mandarin hammers. The group of small ones in the front were brought in from the vegroom so we could see what are females and what are males to make sexing these a bit easier. We will weed out the males and then transplant into 3 gallon pots and finish vegging while we train and top and work on the canopys. We have two mandarin hammers also in one gallon fabric pots that have stretched well in here and are on end of week 3 of flower. Also the random bag seed grow that is already in here 3 gallon pots and she has gotten a killer defoliating and this is almost an experiment. Short veg time and a killer defoliating im hoping to see awesome colas flowers come from her with not

one larfy bud.

Outdoor Grow

Outdoor grow is still alive 🤣 but 5 out of the six we planted are showing to be females. The first one you see is the best one out of all of them. The rest are a bit skinny and lengthy but the first one is bushy AF and looks super healthy. This out door grow I’m deeming the “insurance” grow so we’ll have something to extract come harvest time 🎉

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