Winterizing, cartridges and grow update

Extractions and cartridges

This morning we finished the purging of the winterized “mother of berries” in the vac chamber and cleaned it up for this next batch of cartridges. We came out with 5 grams

With 5 grams of extract we add double of flavor. Adding the extract to a shot glass and adding double that of flavor, using “grape ape” by Wax Liquidizer. making 15 ml of solution we filled 6 one gram carts and 15 1/2 gram carts.

And after hitting one a few times I knew we found an amazing formula between strain, freshness and flavor. These things taste awesome and have an effect that is like no other.

We are going to be getting some new full glass carts coming in soon. Just waiting on confirmation on order and rendering video of final product.

And again they hit and taste fucking awesome. If you have a certain way about carts I bet I can change that for you 🥳

Mandarin Hammer

This is the next mandarin ha about to cone down. We just have her her last flush and yes not much of a fade but we will allow her to dry out over the next five days and then we will chop, if I don’t change my mind 🤣. We have three more

of these coming through here. once we chop this we will trim her up and get her in the My Herbs Now drywr

Cabin Grow

After two days not seeing them and they look great 😳 I didn’t know what I was walking into 😂 but we came and watered them with plain ph water between 5.5-6.5 and everything looks good. 💥 ✅

Outdoor Grow

Outdoor grow..... no mold yet. It is the wet season and please be vigilante about your outdoor crops specially ones that are not protected like mine. things looks good.

Strawnanna tangilope

We started to feed the Strawnanna tangilope seedlings. We are mixing 5ml of grow, micro and bloom per gallon of water. We will keep these in here for a couple of weeks and soon we will bringing these into the veg room....

Veg Room

Not much longer and we will be bringing these two mandarin hammers into flower. Very excited for these two cuz we took the time to train them properly. I do expect close to if not more then double our yield of our first mandarin hammer we harvested. 🎉 💯 💚

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