Winterizing, blasting some 7up and a grow room update


“7 up” flower run. Using 56 grams of flower we packed the 12 inch tube and blasted it with two cans of pure322 organic solvent by Meta Vega. Came out awesome.


For the last couple of weeks we have been dumping the same alcohol out to wash the Pyrex dishes after every blast. Keeping the mason jar in the freezer Separates the days and lipids from the rest of the solution And we use simple coffee filters and another mason jar to do our filtering. When we do filter we keep that whole process on the freezer keeping everything at a freezing temp so the fats and lipids don’t liquify and slide through the filter. Should only need to filter once when done properly but I do recommend repeating that step at least one more time giving you two passes through the filter. This step is important when making cartridges for this cleans out anything that will get stuck in the atomizer and it will make it taste burnt.

here’s a pic of the first filtering and what we pulled out of this mix. This bi-product can be used in cosmetics and other topical products.

We then dumped that filtered solution into a food safe silicone and got it on a heating pad on hi over night to evaporate most of the grain alcohol.

We then get it into the vac chamber and finish it off in there. Creating a shatter that we will use for our cartridges.

New equipment

we got our new environmental controllers in from Ink Bird yesterday. These two controllers will help keep the environment where we want it to be. On is for humidity and the other is for temperature both with two “work” outlets. So one will be hooked up to AC and heating if needed and the other one will be hooked up to at least one exhaust fan if not two inline fans.

and we got our new can gap for the new closed loop system. We just need to go get some thread locker and the correct hose to connect it and we should be also most hands free now. we have been holding tubes for the last 2 years... soon that will be over for our extracting.

We got our new herb dryer coming in from My Herbs Now. Should be able to do 4-6 zips of flower at a time. And this will help with the smaller indoor grow that we are trying to get on a consistent harvest.

Cabin Grow

we made a quick stop there yesterday. The room looks ok but by the end of this week we should have everything installed and functioning properly to get this grow where it needs to be so we can get on and start keeping something consistent hopefully by this fall we have everything dialed in and this room pumps out some weight while staying under the legal limit. And we are at our limit right now for this room with plant count.

Flower Room

flower room is getting towards the end of week 5. They got watered yesterday with plain PH water. Today they will be fed there Advanced Nutrients and ONIT sciences mix. Using 3 gallons of Fox Farm, they all sit in 3 gallon pots. Dairy shake using the independent scrog system witch made making this canopy easy. The two other TS Cubed were just trained as we went. Using LST and super cropping to get these smaller canopys. Again 5 lights powering this room

Veg Room

just before the light clicks on, these are from Pure Smoke Boutique. 100% germination and all five so far look good and no signs of

males yet. This room will also get fed as well later today the same as the flower room just different levels.


These are the autoflowers we are testing for @1212homegrown (Instagram) and I believe these will stay on there one gallon pots for the remainder of there life. I’m just not sure how big they can get. Again still have not got flowering times from the breeder yet, forgot.

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