Winterizing, blasting and starting new girls

Last few days we have been blasting a few different strains. Between “slap wagon” and “chem Fire”, slap wagon was the best yielding and beat taste and smell. Lol nothing beats our strawberry, for now. we always use pure322 organic solvent from Metavega cutting down our process time by nearly 95%. We have been washing and saving the oils we clean up from our tools and dishes and started a new winterizing project with the reclaimed oil that would of been washed with iso or something and wasted. Using coffee filters and mason jars for our filtering until we can get the proper winterizing equipment.

so yesterday we started our last two feminized Durban poisons we got from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. Hi hopes for these two. We also started 6 sour sorbet and 5 mendo cookies and 9 out of the 11 popped through and look great. We will prepare some one gallon smartpots and get these transplanted ASAP. Our 8 clones have been slow since we got them in and transplanted but are now starting to move. just trying to get there roots established. these 8 clones have a soil amendment in it from Vulx which is a volcanic mineral making your nutrients more readily available. we also transplanted two girls in the veg room from sanctuary seeds. We got them into 3 gallons of fox farm ocean forest soil in plastic pots.

Day 29 of flower for the slice the pie which too is from sanctuary seeds. All four flowering girls in the flower room are starting to put on weight and a killer smell to them.... all different. Any questions, concerns or you just want to harass us feel free lol

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