Winterizing, blasting and grow rooms

We packed the 12 inch extractions tube the other day and finally blasted it yesterday. using Meta Vega pure322 organic solvent we pulled out nearly 12 grams of wax from 42 grams of flower, witch was the “slap wagon”. We got 5.5 grams out into the vac chamber to get a “pull and snap” finish. we could have gotten our crumble we were looking for originally but it was left over night on the chamber and forgot. Still came out Fire. We have the winterizing project done but it came out super dark. so we will be re dissolving and re figuring out winterizing for situations like this.

Day 33 of flower for “slice the pie“ and day 19 for the other 3 Girls. Each plant has its own light ranging from 600 - 1000 watts. Using Advanced Nutrients Grow, micro and bloom from there ph perfect line up. And using ONIT sciences organic grow additive. We will be getting a proper system set up for air circulation And temperature control.

and in the veg room we got our three girls from sanctuary seeds that were the ones lagging behind the rest. We got two ”stoner 63” and a “TS Cubed” that have been heavily topped and will be getting an “extreme” training, maybe today. These three will be the next round to go through the flower room. The clones we got from our buddy are moving but I feel that there moving slow, but just extremely happy there moving at all and are healthy. These clones were monster cropped. Also in here from seed we have one feminized Durban poison, two “mendo cookies” and five ”sour sorbet” Which most will be brought out to the out door grow come April and that’s when we will transplant them.

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