Winterizing and prepping for cartridges and the cabin almost ready for harvest


💥 this morning we got a 18 minute CMH extraction tube packed up with some more of that untrimmed outdoor cherry blossom. We ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent and purged the solvent off in a warm water bath. Once purged we dissolved the extract in 190 proof grain alcohol.

flooding the Pyrex dish and working the alcohol around till full dissolved. We then seal it in a mason jar and freeze it down

Freezing the solution down prior to filtering allows the fats and lipids to become a solid and running the solution through two simple coffee filters is suffice.

After a minute or so the filtering is complete and we are ready to purge off the alcohol.

This picture after filtering does not show justice. But this is what we pulled out of it..

If this is not at least pulled from your concentrates before assembling your cartridges they will clog and they will taste burnt.

the solution is now sitting In a food safe silicone and sits on top of a heating pad. this is a little low tech and we are working on getting the proper equipment for this step. But for now this is it. Once the bulk of the alcohol is purged we will finish it in the vacuum chamber woohoo.

Cabin grow

We got to the cabin this after noon and it looks and smells more and more 🔥 as these last days come to an end. We have about a week left of flushing and then we will allow the pots to dry out and stay smart for a few days at least, allowing most of the water and moisture to be used up. This will also help our frying and curing process while it makes a bit more resin through the stress.

This round came out great and with a bit more tweaking this cabin could be primo. We do have another location that looks like a better candidate for our bigger grow operation. Again we will be keeping everything within Massachusetts state regulations but will be able to do hell of a lot better grows. 🎉

Apparel and accessories

Get your wax room productions merch at and we do have some new items on there way we will be adding to the shop. If your not signed up yet sign up today and stay up to date with all of our grows and extractions. Any questions please feel free to contact us which ever way you see fit 🎉 💯 💚

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