Winterizing and harvest

Started another winterizing run with some of the oil we blasted from the trim that has been sitting around. We blasted with pure322 organic solvent first then run it. The amount of lipids that comes out of the first filtering is amazing. We do the first filtering and then freeze it again for 12+ hours and it becomes cloudy again, indicating more separation of the lipids from the cannabinoids. “clarifying” tour oil before using them in cartridges or tinctures is important not just for quality but for over use. clogs up cartridges big time lol. So it’s in the freezer till tomorrow morning when we filter it again using a coffee filter and mason jar. Eventually we will get the proper equipment to do this. the strawberry haze clones are getting close to harvest and tomorrow we will get some trichome pics and see what we can see. This harvest will be going to the Harvest Right freeze dryer over at Bomb Factory. Less then 30 hours we will have ready flower to consume once we cut them dow. woohoo

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