Winterizing and grow room update.

We did our first filtering yesterday. today we will do a second filtering. Putting and keeping the filtering process in the fridge is almost key if you do both ave the proper refrigeration or equipment lol. But we figured it out and we have almost smoothed this process out to where we can produce fire winterized oil Every time.... just need that dam equipment lol.

Also need a good deep freezer from like harvest right or somethinG, this mini fridge is almost not gonna cut it for anything bigger we do with winterizing. And as soon as I get this winterizing done we are making some juice for some new things....

@ikrusher sent some new things that have not been launched yet? I forget but we got 4 different style of vapes and cartridges and disposable set ups. So once we get this oil ready juice is what we are making and I think it’s gonna be back in blueberry. If it’s less then 7 grams that comes from it we will be able to do a few other flavors to finish what we have left but majority will be blueberry.

Pure Smoke Boutiques new exotics are doing great. Sitting about an inch away from the T5 these are the best looking seedlings we have had come through here and I pumped there all doing that good. Today we will do a light feeding of advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive. All sit in one gallon pots in fox farm ocean forest soil. And we need a fan on these girls with some support otherwise there all gonna blow over but the fan is needed to get these stocks strengthen. we will also push the leaves down a bit and open it up so we can get the light to where it’s needed and just give them a bit of help.

Flower room is on week two of flower. The dairy shake with simple yield solutions support system is doing amazing. We have not had a canopy like this come through here yet. And it’s from the help of the support/scrog system. And it was cool because it germinated with two tops and was the rung of the whole lot that we germinated and I couldn’t take myself to get rid of such a cool anomaly. This room will to be fed there advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive. we will look these over and see if some more selective defoliating would be beneficial or not. The underneath needs to be cleaned up some more anyways on all three in this room.

And the veg room. This room will also get a good dose of nutrients today. We have been feeding super lightly and watering with plain ph water between those feedings. We have about a week before we are transplanting and getting these outside to the out door grow. So not much happening yet but when it comes time we will be busy and can’t wait, we got a drone coming for content for this grow. So we can get some cool shots regardless if we have them in under a green house, we will be able to fly around and get some cool shots of shit. Lol fucking love it to much I think.

Hey just a heads up we got some more prints from Linda Biggs. The queen of cannabis. All orders will either come with a coloring sheet or a printed piece of art work. Just something fun to have around and send out to people. I’m sure you’ll like no matter who you are.


we have a closed loop system coming. now I’m being told there is a learning curve when using pure322 with a closed loop system. So the plan is to get a can tap to run the cans like normal but then have the recovery tank and everything ready to reclaim the solvent. We may need to get another recovery tank. So this is a big deal for us and we will be doing a lot of testing, failing and adjustments. we also have some cherry blossom seeds that we will keep a few but will either do some giveaways or sales with them. Looking at all our options for a green house and now we are leaning towards building one. So idk yet what’s gonna happen but all I know is that the outdoor grow needs protection from the elements and pests. Last year we had some killer burrowing worms.

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