Winterizing and grow room update

Veg room with the babies

We got 8 clones and five seedlings that are healthy. We are down to one mendo cookie left that has survived and four sour sorbet. The clones are looking good but it seems like there moving slow. We mixed in 75 grams of Vulx volcanic mineral amendment per gallon of medium. we are using fox farm ocean forest soil. And like all of our other grows we will be feeding these guys today with Advanced Nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive. Keeping ph between 6.4-6.8 using our Blue Labs combo meter.

pic of one of the clones, stretching nicely

VEG ROOM with the next round ramping up

With the seedlings and clones in the veg room we got two TS cubed and a dairy shake from sanctuary seeds. These are going to be the next round to go through flower. 3 plants in the flower room with the four lights webhave in there will make for good flowering like we seen on the last ones. We topped these the other day and these ones will be low and bush. all sit in 3 gallons of fox farm ocean forest medium.


day 32 of flower with “slice the pie” and day 18 For the other 3. The other three are “stoner 63” “stoner 63-2” and “TS Cubed”. We did a heavier defoliating on these then other grows. Canopy is everything when going for larger then “normal” yields. tight spaces require a little bit more thinking being in a man made environment. all of these are from sanctuary seeds as well and this is the last of the strains we got from them. Check our YouTube channel out and follow us linked in, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and tumbler.

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