Winner announced, dabs curing, grow update, and awesomeness 🎉 💯 💚

☠️ 🔥Giveaway winner🔥 ☠️

💥 🤛 and theres the winner 👆 🎊

please send your full shipping details to my email or on here on the website. and Wednesday we will have another giveaway. Your chances of winning are always high, for now, but the more these giveaways can be shared the better and Wednesday the rules will be changing a little bit. I appreciate everyone for entering and I promise these giveaways will get better and better. 💯 💚

Extractions and curing

and our latest extraction was 3 days ago now. 👆 24 hours curing. 👇 48 hours of cure time

And you can see we are starting to get “chunky“ after 48 hours of curing. This will go till it’s a badder consistency. This was from the 90 gram flower run of more of “platinum kush breath” that Honeycomb extracted using 3 cans of pure322 organic solvent by Metavega. “waxroom10” will get you a discount 🥳. and we got some new little pieces for the extraction tubes 👇

Our new ptfe screen are awesome. Can’t see through the original rubber sealed mesh screen but not through the white ptfe one Which is 150 microns soooo we’ll try here soon on our next run for cartridges.

👆 the new full spectrum “sour diesel” cartridges have been amazing. The new formula we are using in combination with some real Terps from Terps USA 🇺🇸 has been another great move. We will be getting on making more cartridges soon as we have zkittlez and OG Kush twrps coming in. We will be putting together some of our “regular“ carts as surprisingly plenty of people still want the weaker ones over the new potent tasty 😋 ones. 😎

👆 and honeycomb came through with a fresh box of black nitrile gloves 🎉 being clean is kinda super important and I love black.

Vivosun 5x5

And the strawnana tangilope is the only one in this new 5x5. We have her under one of the 315 watt Vivosun CMH flowering light. We have set this room to 12/12. We have about 5-6 weeks left of flowering to go. 😆 and I do believe this girl is already spoken for. Being bought before we can grow it 🎉. We will simply continue the feeding regiment with Advanced Nutrients and just keep her happy. I need one more tent for the new location and I can have the perpetual thing going again 💯

Veg Room 1

Veg room 1 has been good to us for nearly 2-1/2 years now 😊 and powering this room is a 400 watt metal halide. Again we have Durban poison, amnesia haze and LSD. These are all feminized autoflowers from “Error Seeds”. 👆 we are feeding them 15ml of micro, 15 ml of grow and 10ml of bloom. Week or so we will change up the ratio as they get into flower adjusting everything up or down by 5 ml.

Flower room (veg room 2)

The G8LED C3 room is looking good. We reverted back to veg a couple weeks ago and only now are they showing to revert back to veg. We have 3-4 weeks longer of vegging then we will will flip into final flower. strains are “ 🍌 French cookie” and “ 🌈 gobstoppers “ and this led light is 640 watts. This light is amazing. coverage and performance has surpassed my expectation of any led, led lights are getting better and more honest on there stats

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