What should of been posted Monday and wasn’t, + some more 🎉 💯 💚


We got the 36 inch tube packed with 120 grams of “divine breathe” flower. we ran 4-1/2 cans of pure322 organic solvent which you can find at www.pure322.com and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount on your first order.

When using such large tubes there is still a lot of solvent and valuable cannabinoids that need a little extra time to drain out.

Once all the solvent is out of the tube we bring the Pyrex dish through a warm water bath. Pure322 evaporates at a much lower temp then butane and/or propane mixes.

and.......... 👇 ⛔️ 🔥 ☠️ 🤤 🤤 🤤 🤤 👇

We came out with 31 grams of extract 🎉 and now has been curing for a few days. 👇

depending on your container choice and strain, there is a large window of time where you can stop this curing process for a more saucy sugar finish or we can keep going and get right into sugars and crumble

And using pure322 allows us to this. No need for exspensive equipment, no need to go to “school” ... all you need is a bit of fire under your ass, do what makes YOU HAPPY 😃 and fuck everyone else. But don’t take that too personally I still love you all 😆

Bubba hash harvest

So I went to go do some “stalk splitting” on one of the bubba hash and i fucked it up and it fell right over. So a bit early taking it down but only by about 10 days 😢 🤬 😛 no worries.

And it was getting some awesome coloring happening. We trimmed off anything with a stem basically. Anything not showing trichomes got trimmed.

And we got the flower broken down and we got the whole thing into the My Herbs Now Dryer and allowed it to start at the default preset time of 96 hours. Once fully dried we will do a final tight trim on smoking flower and blast the rest

this flower 👆 was grown with the new G8LED C3 bar light we got installed in the flower room a few weeks back 👇

This light is for a 5 x 5 foot space and so far so good and we love it. 😊 🔥 💡

Fem marshmallow gobstopper seeds

A few months back we made some of our very own feminized seeds of the marshmallow gobbstopper and we started 12, 11/12 popped through 🎉 🎊 so I’m super happy for that and we have plenty of these beans and they are for sale if interested feminized marsh marshmallow gobstopper seeds are going 150$ a ten pack comes with selected free extra seeds as testers.

And we got all 12 planted into one gallon fabric pots using Fox Farm “happy frog” soil. I did not water them in like usual, this soil was super wet still. These exact girls will be brought to the second location and there we will finish there Veg cycle and flip into flower in the new Vivosun 5x5 grow tents with two 315 CMH Vivosun lights.

Veg Room

Veg room is packed again 🥳 💥 and we got the “ banana 🍌 French cookie 🍪 “ and the “ rainbow 🌈 gobstopper” just about all topped and in a few weeks we start there training. And of course we have our fem marshmallow gobbstoppers in here for the moment. We should be taking cuttings soon of the strawnana tangilope and getting our 12 site clones filled up and we’ll get the best clone put through our feminizing process 🙌🏻

Apparel and accessories

👆 new beanies 25$ free shipping

Snap back trucker caps 👆 free shipping

👇 hoody 40$ free shipping (back side)

👇 front side

and always you can head over to waxroomproduction.com/shop and put your apparel or battery orders through there or just shoot us a message 🎉 💯 💚

💯 💚

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