Weight room, fresh sprouts and grow room update

Weight room

weight room looking good. After band practice I ran out to give a quick check on things before leaving the site. And now today being day 9 of flower and again things look good. Today this room may need a watering but we will check later this afternoon. And we do have a sour sorbet


few days bavk we started germinating these. These are Mandarin Kush crosses with 9lbs hammer. We got about a dozen that popped so far and we will be transplanting these into one gallon pots and these will be kept on the T5 table. About 3 days for what has popped so far.

Veg room

vegroom is surprisingly doing well. 😆 we had 💯% germination and they all look great. So hopefully they are 100% female, most likely not but this round is prepping for the “weight room” and I believe we are doing some revamping on that grow room so we can have a longer veg time and bigger flowers. Right now my lights are topped out and can’t go any higher. These will be transplanted the day they go to the cabin.

Flower room

flower room is temporarily in veg and soon enough this room is gonna go into flower. It’s on 18/6 cycle so we could finish vegging the two in the 3 gallon pots while running a few autos in the back. The Vivosun in-line fan and filter has been an awesome addition to this room and help a lot in controlling the temps and air transfering. We have a monster cropped clone and a “marshmallow gobbstopper” which is a girl. The other four were males and we have them out side on the “deck of males”

And I wish I had a grow tent to keep these in. I do want to collect pollen for future breeding projects and anyone else who is looking to breed.


so we have some issues with our carts the last few days.... not happy about but we have revamped the cartridge process and now have it down 🔥 as well as offering in home extractions of your material if you are looking to turn your flower into dabs. Also offering grow room help 💯 🖤 🧡

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