Vape giveaway!!! Still time!! and grow room update and flower extractions

Still time left for our giveaway happening on @hobeycomb715 page on Instagram, link here vape giveaway!! Ends today


yesterday we bit the bullet and packed up some TS cubed and stoner 63 flower into the 12 inch extraction tube. Running two cans of Metavega pure322 organic solvent we brought back just over 6 grams of wax, didn’t fucking weigh starting material, head run. But what we got back was amazingly potent.....

Always with a warm water bath to evaporate the bulk of the pure322 and then if we want it stabilized we through it into the vac chamber...but not always.

We got our slicks in too!!! We have been waiting for a month or longer for these. But now we can save our glass jars for more important shipments and use the slicks for local business. These things are great and each one holds about 3.5 grams comfortably and if I can get my ticking prices down we can start filling these right up and do nothing less then 3.5 for now on..

We put 3 grams in each....


This is a untrimmed round of stoner 63 and has a deep cheese note to it with some fruit notes. We are striving to produce these results everytime. Using advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences organic grow additive and that keeps things simple and easy.

Flower room

Flower room is approaching week 3 of flower. We have a dairy shake with the independent support system. This dairy shake topped itself when it sprouted giving itself two tops so this structure at the bottom is pretty cool by the base. And we have two TS Cubed. dairy shake has two lights on her one 1000 watt LED and the second one is a 600 watt LED, rotating her 1/4-1/3 everyday times try and keep things even. each ts cubed also has its own light. One in the back is a 800 watt Led and the one up front is a 1000 watt LED. This set up did us well for our last round that we flowered. So we just ate now trying to keep and raise the quality bar now as we smooth out our flowering methods. We will come through here today at some point and do our final defoliating.

Veg Room

Today is April 25th!!! We are supposed to be bringing these 16 fron the veg room to the outdoor grow. 12 will be transplanted into 10 gallon smartpots using Fox Farm ocean forest medium. And four will be transplanted into 5 gallon pots... webhave sour sorbet, mendo cookies, Durban poison, juicy fruit and another strain I can’t remember right now that are ready. So for sure keep an eye out on instagram we’ll be posting as we go. And as always we will be posting tomorrow morning on everything we did here. We got a drone coming for doing content for the out door grow as well.

feel free to contact me about anything you see or hear. Offering extracting services and will travel to you if that makes things easier. Looking to change peoples minds and produce fire products for you with your material

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