1 pound extraction, MH harvest, moving plants around and clone shippers 🎉 💯 💚


Over the weekend we had a pretty big extraction job of “cinex” untrimmed flower.

We used 6 36 inch tubes and 18 cans of pure322 organic solvent.

after blasting into the dish we would run our warm water bath

and then blast the next tube right on top of it.

Once we got our last extraction done and the warm water bath done we then poured it into a 1/2 pint mason jar.

This one pound extraction we yielded 90 grams of extract. At this time we are ready to start the curing process. This process will take some time but over that time it will sugar, crumble or sauce up. Crystals will start forming.

And when using this solvent you gotta make sure your safe with it. Using any solvent for extractions should be done outside. butane will freeze things as it boils off and same for the pure322 organic solvent but the pure322 boils off at a much lower temperature then butane creating a heavier freezing effect. This was our first run using the 36 inch tube 🎉

mandarin hammer harvest

The last two “mandarin hammers” have been harvested. We chopped them down into pieces, trimmed off basically anything with a stem that wasn’t showing any trichome value and got as much as we could into the My Herbs Now dryer. and we couldn’t fit everything so we have a good chunk of the second hammer hanging up in the drying cabinet. And this allowed us to move some things around in the grow rooms.

we turned the dryer on to it’s defaulted 96 hours. Once these are ready we will do a final trim and get these jarred for curing. Beautiful plant and I know there are a few killer seeds in here. 🎉 💯 💚

Flower Room

We finally moved the last feminized bubba hash into the flower room. We have this room set to 12-12. super excited to see what this strain is gonna being. all three of these bubba hash are on different weeks. And to be sure tour harvest windows are caught properly, keeping a jewlers loop around to check trichomes is a must. Eventually after awhile you’ll be able to tell when there ready just by looking at them with the naked eye 👁

Strawnanna tangilope

we had flipped the veg room carts bro flower for two reasons. One: we had that last fem bubba hash ready For flowering and two: we needed to sex these strawnanna tangilope. Some say this is unnecessary stress, I say it’s the easiest way to sex your young plants. These 3 ended up being males. So we have one female in the veg room and we reset the veg room to 18-6.

Clone shippers

🤣 fml 🤦‍♂️ so our first round of clones ever through our 12 site Cloner were amazing and the last two rounds of cuttings were complete failures. But this round of bubba hash cuttings came out pretty well. We have had a client who has been waiting for a few of our clones and so we are finally getting some out to them. These clone shippers are pretty cool with a built in LED at the top to keep light on them as they travel. Today these will go out 🎉

Accessories and apparel

Our new wax room productions battery’s are a hit 🎉 and they look sexy as fuck. You can get yours at waxroomproductions.com/shop along with those you will also find our apparel.

We have new apparel such as hats and beanies and hoodys on there way. Either order from the website or shoot us a message on your favorite social platform just look for “wax room productions“ or “Jesse ricker” and we accept all forms of payment

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