Extraction and grow update (quick overview)

Muff krusha Extraction

our starting material was freshly dried from harvest to extraction tube it had a 14 day dry time. Just before the curing process is best time for extraction.

We weighed our and lightly packed 44 grams of flower. We could of packed more of the material If it was a bit drier. packing is an art and can effect your yield. after we packed we put the tube in the freezer. We did not allow the tube to fully freeze but confident in the extraction do to proper packing of the tube.

Allowing the bulk of pure322 to purge, we used razors and scraped up the extract into a food safe silicone and sealed it.

We have had strains crumble up for us in hours before. This is about 12 hours in and really we have till this evening before we can truly Start seeing it crumble.

Flower room

Flower room is about half way through flower with the two mandarin hammers in the one gallon fabric pots and the random bag seed girl in the 3 gallon fabric. We brought the creature bear og F2 autos in here to finish there life cycle. We seem to do good in one gallon pots with autos. Also have one mandarin hammer that was brought in here with others so we could properly sex them but this one is being stubborn as fuck.

Veg Room

We have our 3 feminized bubba hash girls sitting in there 3 gallon fabric pots and we are root training them. We have three mandarin hammers which two still need to be transplanted and we will work on there canopies extensively so we can have a full room of them to bring into flower.

12 site cloner

These are second generation marshmallow Gobbstopper cuttings. These are definitely more difficult to get to root then the last batch. Today we will change out the fluid and up the concentration from 30ml to 40ml per gallon using Clonex cloning solution.

Isolation and fem tent

Officially day four on feminizing some pollen sacks out of this girl. This is one of the marshmallow Gobbstoppers.

Extras and apparel

we will get the store fully up this week on the website. But until then you can always message us if interested in any of our shirts and we do have hats coming soon as well. As well as any other “Things“ you see you can always inquire about. Will also be working on new cartridges today.

Hey! and I work for you guys. Tell me what you want to see. If it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t be where we are today. We appreciate your follows, likes and membership and if you haven’t become a member yet please subscribe today!

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