Juicy fruit extractions and resetting the cabin with clones 🎉 💯 ❤️


🎉 we finally got on blasting the juicy fruit monster cropped clones from the cabin. And we are yielding quite well. From 60 grams of flower we pulled 10 grams of extract. And that’s just one of 4 extractions we have done since we have pulled the drying flower down yesterday. Using pure322 organic solvent and the 18 inch extraction tube. after the warm water bath we like to “cure” our extract. We do this by collecting the oil and getting it into a sealed container which we use large food safe silicone barrel. once cured it looks like....

.... this!! And the nose 👃 on it is amazing. Compared to all other extraction techs like rosin or alcohol washes, using pure322 organic solvent by Metavega it truly pulls out the essence of the flower leaving behind zero cannabinoids behind. Rodin tech or using other solvents have been proven to leave behind up to 25% a valuable product behind. The pictures above are the same blast. We have also done a few other blasts of the juicy fruit just to get product back on the shelf and here they are ...

And if my math is correct we are yielding an average of 18% return. But that math maybe be wrong so do t hold me to it.

We collected the remaining plants we had drying and will be adding “Durban poison” and “sour sorbet” to the “menu” but is limited.

Cabin grow

As I mentioned above we took down the remaining drying flower out of here and now have the room for the next round to come through here. We will bleach everything and clean everything up in preparing for this next round. We are for sure bringing the 7 clones from the “marshmallow gobbstopper” and the “juicy fruit” that are sitting in the vegroom at the other location....

And these are the clones we will be bringing in (above and below)

And we will doing the transplanting monday (today) Into 5 gallon fabric pots using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Flower Room

Marshmallow Gobbstopper from Pure Smoke Boutique and it’s look amazing. finally have things dialed in for this room and can’t wait to see these finally done... properly. 🎉 (below 2 pics are also the gobbstopper)

And below are pics of the monster cropped clone “juicy fruit”

And with these two in the flower room, they basically take up most of the space in here. this is do to proper training and much love and attention is needed for these types of results. Both sit in 3 gallon fabric pots which I do believe to be proper for our grows at this location. Next ones to come into flower through this room are going to be the “mandarin hammer” which most sit on the T5 table bit we have a few in the veg room that we have not decided yet where they will be going. Either the cabin grow or this flower room. 3 weeks or so to go and they both are up taking everything I give it within a 24 hour period. So I do expect weight to be putting on. As we do need to figure out how we are going to tie these up so they can finish flowering correctly.

Marshmallow Gobbstopper above 👆

“Mandarin Hammer”

Here on the T5 table we have the rest of the “mandarin hammer”. Monday or Tuesday we will be bringing these into the vegroom where they will continue to veg and possibly transplant into 2 or 3 gallon fabric pots and we will run more then four in the flower room. So they won’t veg as long as other grows we have had come through here. they all have been topped once but once they are properly sexed we will start the training more aggressively a like we usually do.

awesome things are happening. Grows are becoming easier to tend to and the results just keep getting better and better and my advice for new growers is to do you HOMEWORK on your genetics. Take the time to source strong genetics from reputable sources. If you would like some guidance on that feel free to give us a shout we can even send you a “starter kit”. appreciate the your membership and if you have not become a member yet it’s easy to do so and with social media being stupid lately you can always rely on getting information here. 💯 💚

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