Harvest, dry and curing with grow room update

cabin harvest and dry

we are officially on day four of drying the cabin grow. These were taken down about 25 days early do to “herming“. We chopped and then hung them up, full plant hang dry. When drying your flower you want the longest dry time as possible. Keeping the room in the 60’s will help prolong this step resulting in a smoother more enjoyable smoke. once the smaller stems are able to “snap” or “crack“ we will then trim them up and get them jarred for curing. Curing starts actually the moment you chop your plant. As it starts using up the “green” that’s still in the plant. Again longer the better...

After hanging them up we came through the next day and took off everything that had a stem leaving the sugar leaves on and some larger ones. This again will help prolong the drying process as well as lock in the “terps”, this is also where keeping your temps low is important.

(Above) is before we trimmed the fan leaves...

(Above) is just after we pulled them fan leaves off. and then set the temperature controller to 62 degrees and placed the fan pointing away from the hanging girls. Another key fact is you don’t want direct wind movement on your drying flower, this will take away terps and potency.... literally blows it away. Terps for sure but I do believe it effects the potency as well.

Creature bear og drying

about 86 hours ago we placed mainly all of the “creature bear og” into the My Herbs Now drye....

after 86 hours they seemed like they were ready to trim up. As we started trimming ...

Using a deep stainless steel tray and the trusty Fiskers we got a few of the big buds trimmed while keeping the “larfy“ buds to the side...

And of course these smaller buds are definitely done but the rest of the good big buds were not. So we set the dryer to 12 hours and set the flowers back into it...

We will check these again once the dryer shuts off in about 12 hours. And a lot of people have strong feelings about this dryer and “is it worth it” so we do have half of one of the autos hanging...

And we will try to do a full comparison between the dryer weed and the regular hang drying methods.

Flower Room

marshmallow gobbstopper and the juicy fruit clone have about 3-4 weeks to go. They just got fed using Advanced Nutrients PH perfect technology. using 10ml of grow and 15ml of micro and bloom per one gallon of water. We will start dropping the nutrient ratio in about 10-14 days till it’s time to start flushing.

(Above) first picture is of the “juicy fruit” which was monster cropped and the second is the “marshmallow gobbstopper” which came from Pure Smoke Boutique.

Veg Room

veg room is always full of surprises. 😂 but it’s a sad day with an unwanted surprise.... the “super grape haze” is a MALE! And it looks like a couple of the “mandarin hammer” that are in here are also gonna be males. The clones look awesome tho and are starting to grow quite vigorously 🎉 and these 7 clones with whatever else is not a male will be brought to the cabin to finish vegging then flipping into flower. Next round to come into this veg room are the rest of the “mandarin hammer” that are on the T5 table....

These will be staying in this grow till the end. Super excited for these to go into flower... heating some awesome things about this cross mandarin kush crosses with 9 lbs hammer which was the father of these. 🎉 and of course using fabric pots when we can for optimum route health.

😂 and other things

when we are blasting lower quality material we usually don’t get the taste we want with our extracts so sometimes we introduce terps and here is a 3ml bottle of “purple pinch” indica .

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