Extraction, grow room updates and new products


The other day we got the “early harvest” mendo cookie and juicy fruit into the my herbs now dryer and got it crispy...

We got the 12 inch extraction tube packed and we ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent and ran the warm water bath. 😆 and it’s gone already.

The “my herbs now” dryer comes with 5 levels but can properly dry up to 8 levels I believe. They also have a “trim” drying rack that I’m interested in getting Cabin Grow

Cabin looks good. We have about 3 weeks left to go before harvest. This week calls for the microscope to start checking trichomes and when we do harvest this we will be doing a time lapse of it. Things are getting a bit heavy for themselves and we will be ready on the next grow Incase this happens again. We fed this room using 5 gallons of water. Mixing 10 ml of grow and 15 ml of micro and bloom to one gallon.

flower room

in the front we have the two photoperiods and in the back we have four creature bear og auto flowers that are being flushed now and will be harvested in about ten day from now. We have about 3800 watts (supposably) of led in this room and one being the new 1000 watt full spectrum led....

This full spectrum is over the “marshmallow gobbstopper” from Pure Smoke Boutique. And we do also have the Vivosun inline exhaust fan with its charcoal filter keeping the air moving through this room.

veg room and T5 table

Veg room now contains still a few bag seed girls and now also holds a few of the mandarin kush x 9 lbs hammer which are in the black fabric pots and now also holds 7 clones that we took cuttings from the “marshmallow gobbstopper” and the ”juicy fruit” clone from the flower room. And one that I’m hoping comes out well is the ”super grape haze”...

Super grape haze will be transplanted soon into a 3 gallon pot..

And under the T5 we have the rest of the mandarin kush x 9 lbs hammer. These with the others will be getting ready for the cabin grow as soon as the cabin is ready to accept them.

new genetics

We got these new feminised beans getting ready to be popped. We will pop about half of the photo periods and get two of them through the indoor grow and we will take a third and make it into a mother plant where we can take cuttings and speed up the veg and flower stages while knowing we have females. We do have one auto fem that will be popped sooner I believe.

new products

New shirts should be in soon. We only have a limited amount coming through of these and if they go well we will get more

We also have these new “WRP” pen battery’s coming in and these too should be in by the end of next week.

And we will be filling the rest of these new carts with some blueberry as soon as the flavoring comes in from Wax Liquidizer 🎉

now after I bitched about this wix website not working for the last two days it miraculously started working again. Of this continues to keep acting up I will be forced to move shop. As someone who doesn’t have time to deal with things like this, and needs to have things like this work when they need to, we are looking at new platforms to better our blog and information to you. 💯 💚

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