Cabin grow, indoor grow, mango carts and new color remediation filters

Cabin grow

cabin grow.... still looking good despite our electrical issues again. We got there early yesterday and reset the timer to click on at 12pm and click off at midnight. This will help with some of the heat issues during the day. By the the time “high noon” comes the A/C has cooled it off well. We are on week three of flower. Today we feed this room with Advanced Nutrients. and we will be moving these lights over to where we will have more room for growth. Right now we are maxed out under the loft.

All are in either 10 or 15 gallon fabric pots.

Temporary veg room

later today these will be getting fed. all Lights are on and we will be flipping to flower soon. We have the next rounds prepping. This round about to flower definitely is not what I wanted to be flowering. I expected much longer veg period with much bigger results but we are revamping everything and soon we will be flowering every 8 weeks as well as harvesting every 8 weeks.

Veg room

Round 2 getting prepped for the cabin grow. All have been topped at the 5th node. these will stay in the one gallon fabric pots till they are ready to go to the cabin. These we will be transplanting into 10 gallon fabric pots using Fox Farm Ocean forest soil. And again the 315 watt Vivosun CMH lights need to be moved to the higher ceiling so we can get some bigger growth without the chance of the lights burning Them. In this group we have one “super grape haze” that will become a mother plant I believe.


Mandarin Kush crossed with 9 lbs hammer. We will fill the rest of the pots with soil. This is why we don’t fill these up all the way when we plant our seedlings. Stretching usually occurs. these will be used for our indoor grow. and will too and train like we do with all of the girls.

🥭 cartridges

yesterday we put together 11 cartridges in mango. With our ratio now 2 to 1 these carts are now super strong and the formula will stay this way. 🎉

new equipment

Color remediation filter. Looks like we will be working on getting this attachment so we can run older material and get that dam dark color out. stay tuned I will be posting more about this soon

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