Trimming and blasting of the creature bear og, and clones

creature bear og

yesterday we gathered up our autos from the My Herbs Now dryer and brought it with us to the other location and we did some trimming. We trimmed up most of the nice fat buds....

We then packed up the 12 inch tube and ran 2 cans of pure322 organic solvent.

Once we blasted we set the Pyrex dish in a warm water bath and purged off the bulk of the solvent. This is where this extraction is going to be till we get back lol where we will then weigh it up and get it grammed out Into slicks.

Again we used the My Herbs Now Dryer to dry the flowers out to perfection. After they are dried to where they need to be the decision from there is made to either jar them and start curing or blast it. We ran the dryer for the full defaulted set time of 96 hours which just worked out for us with these autos. But the timer can be set to your needs. And yes it takes time to learn the dryer correctly for optimum results.

Marshmallow Gobbstopper Clones

as you know we have the we have the “marshmallow gobbstopper” in the flower room getting closer to harvest and as we got her into flower we took come cuttings and got them into the 12 site cloner using Clonex cloning solution and we got 7 nice and healthy girls transplanted into one gallon pots after 10 days of being in the clover. We have 7 of them....

These clones are getting ready to be brought into the cabin, transplanted into either 5 or 10 gallon fabrics and finish vegging for a couple of weeks and then flipping into flower, once the harvest is done drying

Cabin drying

This morning checking these, some stems are cracking but most are still bending. But I don’t think it’s going to go the full 14 days like we wanted but that’s ok. Most of this is gonna be going for extraction but we will be trimming up some to keep as smoking flower. Once these are done drying we will bring in those clones from the vegroom and get there veg stage done in here before we flip to flower and that shouldn’t take long either. We will be looking to do some more clones or taking some more cutting from some of the ones we have outdoors that we think to be female...

And here’s a few of the ones we have outside.

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