trichome pics and our extractions a bit more explained and a quick grow room update

Using Pure322 Properly Here is our most recent blast. We yielded 19 grams from 85 grams of flower.....

We started extracting with butane and then moving onto butane/propane blends. Blasting on a Monday, let’s say with butane, it wouldnt be do e till Friday or Saturday after 100+ hours in the vac chamber flipping it every 12 hours or so. And this has to be done to properly clean up your extractions, when using butane or propane. Metavega has come out with an amazing organic solvent allowing us to cut production time down by 95-98% safely.

With pure322 being more volatile then butane and propane it is dangerous. But taking the right safety precautions is a must when doing any extracting. And when done and used properly it allows for some of the best quality oil with being some of the tastiest dabs you’ll have.

I don’t know everything but I do know what I have been doing the last two years and regardless of who says what to me we will be staying with solvent till something better comes along.... best solvent to date

Flower Room

slice the pie is coming down on April 13th. With 7 more days of flushing this will be our first properly flushed plant. and 7 more days before we start the flush period for the other 3 girls in here. We got some pics yesterday of the trichomes of all four of the girls.......

these pics are one from each plant. Slice the pie, stoner 63, stoner 63-2 and TS Cubed. using advanced nutrients additives of bud candy and rhino skin.

Veg Room

Here we pulled out one of the monster cropped clones. These clones are all using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment. this amendment was added in at 75 grams or gallon of soil. We have three of these clones in the veg room under the LED. Today we will do some more topping and getting these ready for the outdoor grow.

And the other day we transplanted these five new exotics, into one gallon pots, from Pure Smoke Boutique and these sill be transplanted into 3 gallon smartpots once it’s time to get them into the veg room.

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