Transplanting finally done. End of week four of flower. Today we’ll check the new indoor grow

Flower room

end of week four on day 28 of flower this morning. Today we will get them fed there advanced nutrients and ONIT sciences mix. Sitting in 3 gallons of fox farm ocean forest. we have five lights powering this room totaling 4000 watts of power. Dairy shake and two TS Cubed are getting closer to harvest. We will do the exact same thing we did with the last grow and flush for as long as possible.

Veg Room

these girls got fed yesterday. Again not doing much in here but watch em grow. We topped yesterday. Again working on the Canopys. Bigger your canopy bigger your yield. You could pull more weight off of two plants then three plants if you train properly. And there are a few ways of training. besides using the independent scrog system you can also “super crop”, “low stress training“ are two that can be utilized on a daily basis for some amazing training and results. Take your time with it and just keep in mind that when you train your trying to make everything a cola site. And usually depending on your training your going to want to veg for a longer period of time. and once flipped into flower remember you are also gonna stretch at least twice it’s original size once it does go into flower. These girls in this room are from Pure Smoke Boutique. And we had 100% germination and no sign of males yet, but I wouldn’t be opposed to more males showing up for a future breeding project.


Auto flowers got transplanted yesterday into one gallon smart pots. We are keeping them under the T5 as long as possible. I’m not sure of the flowering time but I will get that info later. We still have one little auto flower in the seedling tray.

we watered them with plain ph water after transplanting them and we keep this T5 slammed right on top of them. We won’t top or do anything “high stress” to these girls In Terms Of training.


we’ll be having these gummies by @Bombfactory710 from Instagram on hand at all times. New batch coming in today.

And we will be getting on some new material soon. This is the “chem Fire” from our latest blast

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