Tomorrow’s extractions, grows are growing and guess what?? 🎉 💯 💚


💥 we got some more 🔥 “Jesus og“ flower. Monday morning (tomorrow) we will extract all of this and get it curing for dabs. This has a killer fruity 👃 😬 I’m 😛 excited for this extraction.... 🎉 112 grams total material weight I expect 28 grams back plus some...

And in the vac chamber we have our mixed strain shatter purging. We ran this through our Source from Extract Craft to purge the bulk of the alcohol and now we are degassing for a shatter. I’m still apparently learning about heat to the chamber, last attempted batch was left on the heat to long and it waxed up... so ... I’m gonna fucking get it, sum bitch 😂

the source 👇

New tent and transplanting

And the new 4x4 grow tent has come in!! 🥳

And the set up went like a dream 😴

As of right now we have two TS-600 by Mars Hydro and one 600 watt bloomspect LED. We do still need an in-line fan though

And after the set up of the new tent we transplanted the 2 bubba hash, critical+2.0 and the fruit salad into 5 gallon pits using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil and got them into the 4x4. And we did some heavy super cropping and topping. we will veg for another 2-3 weeks and flip to flower. 🎉

We will be taking cuttings of these and getting some in the 12 site cloner. we will be starting some more feminizing projects with a couple of the clones. We need SEEDS!!!

Vivosun 5x5

And weeks away from harvesting these beauties. Light just kicked off. And yes you can see a bit of a nute burn if you look hard enough at the tips of the fan leaves .... 😖 shit happens and it’s actually not bad but you don’t want that. Being sure to water with plain ph water between feedings will help keep your medium happy which allows happy roots and so on. Dont force...

🥳 🍄 🍄 🍄 🎊

And on this awesome Rolling tray from Linda Biggs we got an 1/8th of Golden Teachers and ya it was a small flush but not a bad flush. And guess what???

Answer below, like the post... and gimme your best guess 🎉 💯

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