Today we extract, Monday we are fully back up 🎉 💯 ❤️

Extractions will start at 2pm my time will be posting on Instagram link:

Juicy fruit clone will be the next extractions we do. Above I trimmed up a few of them just to show what we will be working with. And it looks good to me. We still have two of these that need to come down. The other day we got two jars full of all the popcorn buds ....

and then yesterday we grabbed a freezer bag...

We should have over a pound of this for extractions which means we finally get into the positive with things 🎉 and we will be making the next round of carts with some of this as well.... battery’s will be here Monday 🎉

In the cabin we still hold some that need to come down. But as our first real indoor grow...

We don’t have much tweaking to do for the next round but we will be getting power brought out to the cabin properly so we get out next round in and finished properly this time.... everything started to herm Because of our sub par power and configuration but we do have a temporary solution so we have success with this next round and then round three..... we’ll be doubling the lighting while adding a proper exhaust for the size with correct cooling. 🎉

today we will be running 2 to 3 18 inch tubes of this juicy fruit. We will use half to cure and get it sugared up and we’ll take the other half for carts and go through our winterizing process. 💯 💚

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