Today’s recap: live resin and grow room

So we got batches of live resin coming through on a regular now lol limited quantit...

using Metavega pure322 organic solvent we are able to create a crumble and a “pull n snap” consistency now witch is awesome. Averaging roughly 26-28% return yield on each blast. 20 grams of flower is bringing 4.8 grams of concentrate

And in the grow rooms we had some issues today. Starting with the seedling and clone table. We had two of the seedlings from kannabia seeds in the big dome crock and when I inspected one of them I saw a little worm moving back down under the medium, a tiny little worm. so we have one kritikal-k and two clones from our stoner 63 and TS Cubed.

Pics above; we have a dairy shake and two TS Cubed from sanctuary seeds in the veg room. We will be extensively training these three and will be running them in veg for as long as possible. We are feeding this room and all of our rooms advanced nutrients ph perfect technology nutrient line with ONIT sciences organic grow additive.


And in the flowerroom we had a male. Over night the balls appeared. So we had to get rid of HIM. That leaves four flowering girls in the flowerroom. Each one having it own light over it totaling the wattage to 3200 watts in led. day 21 of flower for the “slice the pie” and day 6 for the other 3 in here. Tomorrow we will be feeding this room.

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