Today’s harvest and grow room update

Flower Room

slice the pie is ready to come down. Last she was watered was 3 days. We wanted her to dry out good before we chopped her. I think she faded fine, best fade we have gotten from the way we flush. The other three may come down today but we will find out after. all of these are from Sanctuary Seeds and the next round coming into flower are also by them. We will continue the advanced nutrients and ONIT Sciences mixes for feeding. Lol, our grow journals are getting better too.

Veg Room

veg room will be seen later today follow us on Instagram to watch that room get changed over

seedlings & clones

These ones will be transplanted within the next few days. The outdoor grow is going to be a big deal this year. We have people and goals to reach and keep up with. Lol I maybe living at the grow this year. We will have the elements against us... we are preparing the Arsenal. We will be running 10 Gallon smart pots for this one. “Sour sorbet” “mendo cookies” “Durban poison” and the monster cropped clones witch the clones are using Vulx volcanic mineral amendment.

These five from Pure Smoke Boutiques are going to be awesome. The names alone are awesome and I wish I could remember them, lol. But these will be going into flower in 10 weeks or so maybe 12 weeks so we are planning a long a veg period.

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