This weeks giveaway, last weeks winner, extractions, flipped to flower, bubba fem run and 🍄 🥳 💯

🥳 last week giveaway winner 🥳

💥 congrats my friend. You know the drill send your info to our email at and for this weeks giveaway 👇

We will be giving away 2 1/2 gram full glass cartridges 🥳 these things are awesome. Rules: like and comment below and we’ll get the winner picked by Friday and if you dont see a post about the winner well then it’s still on.

again, 🙏 I have been trying to get out of a killer fog 🌫 and it has been insanely depressing.

Bubba hash extraction

And yes even tho social

media on my end has been very quiet, for no real reason, we have been getting our extractions done ✅ as the dabbing community we support has been going nuts over these extracts. As soon as my data on my phone is straightened out we will be back to normal posting on all of our social media pages.

Vivosun 5x5

Well today this room just got flipped into flower. This is the very last round of the marshmallow gobstoppers from our feminized seed run. One of my very very very very good friends Stark who is owner and operator of Mass Mushrooms 🍄 got some cuts today to root for wax room. We will be running another feminized marshmallow gobstopper seed run ASAP. We switched the light from 18/6 to 12/12 . The canopies look great and I can’t express it enough….. LEARN TO TRAIN YOUR PLANTS 🌱, training will greatly increase your yield. you can see ours, I can’t grow any other way now knowing that if I don’t train I am not using the space up properly. we are 6-8 weeks away from harvest. As always we do have a few spots for pre orders available. just typing that 👆 made me feel better 😆 🤷‍♂️

Bubba hash fem run

And the bubba hash fem project is doing awesome. We have maybe 2 or 3 weeks left before we can harvest. Using ”The Doctors” spray we tested one branch and on every bud site on that branch we treated it with this spray. 😆 over spray happens and we had some other spots sprout fem pollen sacks as well. And I didn’t do it this time, again, but next fem run we do which will be the marshmallow gobstopper we will harvest the pollen this time, use what we need to for that fem run and the. Save the rest of the fem pollen for the next fem run that we will then be crossing the bubba hash and marshmallow gobstopper 🥳. Creating your own gem seeds is one of the best things we could of every have got into. not having to worry about males is a great feeling….. there’s enough shit to worry about in life.

Mushroom 🍄

well we have been getting flush after flush on our two original bins of the Cambodians and Penis envy. The penis envy are amazingly potent 😊 and the Cambodian bin seems like it’s slowing way the fuck down but how the fuck do I know if it’s done producing? I don’t 😆 and we are going to keep on studying the shot out of these. i dont think people truly understand how eager, anxious, or motivated I am to be doing why I am doing. I think most of us have grown up with this false image of what “DRuGs” are. Everything is a tool, I’m relearning what these tools were meant to do for us. 😃 all day every day.

and like always thank you 😊 everybody who has been keeping up with us on here. At times I feel as if I’m failing you guys, which I kinda have been, and if there’s is anything we can do for you please feel free to contact us ASAP with questions, comments or concerns or inquiries. we want nothing but happy people. if you guys have any suggestions on how I can get rid of this fucking evil 👿 troll on my back I’m all ears. 💯 💚

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