The weekend with carts and grow rooms And an amazing opportunity for wax room

this latest round of blueberry cartridges came out awesome. We made 16.5 carts 😂 (I took the half one) and got them sleeved up. We started the day by finishing the vac chamber stage with the ”sour sorbet” we winterized so it went from looking like this....

(Using pure322 organic solvent for initial extraction)

we winterized it and finished it off in the vac chamber purging the last bit of alcohol

Looks dark but that’s because of the pink silicone.....

- Durban poison

  • and sour sorbet

Both above extracts have been sent to high times magazine for a private screening of our work! 🎉 amazing opportunity for sure 🥳 Flower Room

We have about 7 days before we harvest this flower room. And it’s the marshmallow Gobbstopper and juicy fruit clone that are way to heavy for themselves. We will be ready next time with either stakes or we will figure ally hook up a “yo-yo” like support system. Both in 3 gallon fabrics in Fox Farm ocean forest soil.

Cabin Grow

cabin grow has been kicking on without issues, finally 🤦‍♂️ . We had to Install a new timer for the ac do it wouldn’t try to kick on while the lights were coming on, that’s what was killing the power to this room. These are the marshmallow Gobbstopper clones and a couple juicy fruit ones and this room is being lit by 2 CHM 315 watt by Vivosun 🎉

we should be flipping into flower in 3 weeks or so 🎉 💯

And these feminized bubba hash seeds are next and I promise today we start the germination. 3 will be popped and two will be getting ready for the flower room and the other is going to be our mother plant which we will be taking cutting of and keeping the flower room and cabin grow full and consistent with this bubba hash. We got these from the Attitude seed bank 🎉 💯

Outdoor Grow

few weeks back we got these into the ground. All seem to be showing female now but a good 👁 needs to be kept on them and make sure if we have issues that we take care of them ASAP and these were really good looking bag seeds we just had to pop 🎉

Wax Room Productions products

we now have our wax room batteries in stock...

and soon we will have our new apparel in as well. Shoot us message if interested 🎉 💯 💚

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