Strawnana tangilope clones and prep, double veg room update and new accessories πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š


The strawnana tangilope.... branchy as fuck πŸ˜‚ so we had some work to do with this girl.

with all the branching, taking cuttings was somewhat easier then usual. We took some cuttings from the top and some from the bottom and some in the middle. But we took cuttings and did a defoliating study the same time. To many branches is not always a good thing.

using one gallon of distilled water and Clonex clone solution.

We do our mixing and prep in the hopper of the 12 site cloner. Mixing in 20ml of clone solution to the one gallon of distilled water and mixed. Using our Blue Labs combo meter we make sure that the ph is within 5.5-6.5.

And now that we have the 12 site cloner ready we took the 12 cuttings and got them placed into there foam plugs, misted the top and the cuttings and placed the cloner so it gets ambient light. 4-5 days we will change this solution out and up the ratio to 30ml of clonex clone solution to one gallon of distilled water.

Double Veg Room

Veg room #1, we have the new G8LED C3 powering this room. Bloom boost off and dimmed down. We have 4 banana 🍌 French πŸͺ in the one gallon grey fabric pots and the black fabric pots have the rainbow 🌈 gobstoppers. We will be topping these again here soon but we will be flipping into flower soon so we can properly sex these before we move on with training and furthering there development.

Veg room #2, we have all autoflowers. These seeds came from Error Seeds as a tester. They are still only marked out as strain #1,2 and 3. I still have to properly label them so we can properly follow these strains but all are also in one gallon fabric pots. Fabric pots help allow the medium to breathe and oxygen and air help with root health and development. We will back fill in these today or tomorrow and we still start feeding Wednesday or Thursday.

Future Giveaway items

We got a small package in yesterday with some newly designed items by Linda Biggs. A piece of this will go out with every order we ship out. First come first serve. We got rolling trays, sticker packs and rolling papers.

Apparel and accessories

DHO Extractions, cartridges, flower and gummies are our specialty. if you would like to learn you can always send us a message and we can help

And yes our apparel has gotten lost in the mail apparently and what should of been here December 3rd ..... well it’s still πŸ‘† out and about somewhere. But you can always put an order in through our website at

and thank you to everyone who has been behind us in this........ it’s not easy πŸ’― πŸ’š

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