Strawberry haze and slap wagon blasting with a grow room update

We just finished the case of pure322 organic solvent we picked up a couple days ago. Today we will be putting another small order of material to blast. What we have going on with then”slap wagon” strain has been good. almost as good as the “platinum Kush breathe” we have been consistently blasting for the past year or longe.

we have a few different finishes with each strain. crumble, sauce and pull n snap.

In the veg room we got our clones looking pretty good still, still moving slow to me but I do not see any type of issues with them. We have some of Vulx volcanic mineral amendment mixed into the clones medium at 75 grams per gallon of medium making the nutrients you use more readily available for the plants roots to absorbs.

We also got a feminized Durban poison from Growers Choice Cannbis Seeds and couple mendo cookies and a few sour sorbet.

again we still got the three girls from sanctuary seeds that are sitting in 3 gallon pots that are waiting to be brought into the flower room. Once those three are harvested, after slice the pie is done, these three should be well trained and have a well built structure for a killer canopy on each. All have been topped, maybe one more topping maybe not.

day 35 of flower for slice the pie and day 21 for the other three In the flower room. think we have a nitrogen deficiency happening with at least one of them so we are flushing all four of them for the next few days till we can get the “claw” to go away and fade some of this dark green I to a lighter green. watering with distilled water ph to between 6.4-6.8 with a 3 ml shot of ONIT sciences organic grow additive

we will be using simple yield solutions scrog/support system as a whole unit this time but we are gonna get it on one of the girls that’s going into the outdoor grow. I want to see how well it will perform for a plant outside. As always appreciate you following wax room productions.

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