Stay in your grow, new apparel, cabin grow and grow rooms’ update 🎉 💯

New Apparel

Our new apparel has arrived!! 🎉 and boy do they look awesome. Since the beginning of wax room we have had do our clothing. And they do an amazing job every time. link to there Instagram:

and not only did they get our special jerseys done we also got some masks 🎭

And all of these you see are also available just shoot us a message and soon we will have the store on the website up and going with these and other accessories. but below are the regular T-shirt’s ...

And some of the proceeds are going to a fund for something for my father for a memorial of his passing 😢 but he was our biggest supporter and will truly be

missed by many. The regular white t‘s are 35$ and our old designs will always be available as well. 🎉

Veg Room

Our veg room now contains the future of wax room 🤣 (just had an image in my head of this huge veg room with the PERFECT strain) but we have the seven mandarin hammers sitting in there one gallon fabric pots and we just topped the few bigger ones. I really really need to sex these soon and I believe putting them into flower would be the best way to see what we have for females. And with topping we are keeping the “light training” going on them to not just get an even canopy but a big canopy that will yield way more versus not topping and training. The critical xxl auto faded out on us which is sad😞 because I had some high expectations on that one auto. but that critical and the three bubba hash feminized seeds came from The Attitude Seed Bank here’s the link to there IG:

the three bubba hash finally got back filled in after we let them stretch. we will be cloning and making a mother plant from one of the three and then flowering the other two in the flower room next door.

And if these bubba hash do what I think they will do for us then we will then Have a starting point to have a consistent and replicable way of keeping a level of quality and expectations of our products. After we get up to about 4-6 nodes we will then start topping and getting one under a cheap LED light to keep her going for as long as we can. Flower Room

and the flower room, we have the four mandarin hammers and again they were regular seeds and still have not seen a male yet 🤣 love it. I don’t expect much to come from these four hammers since they had a short veg period as well as staying in the one gallon fabric pots. We are on week 3 of flowering, and they are stacking well

along with the random bag seed pop in the 3 gallon fabric pot, which too is showing to be female but we need to keep an eye on them Incase they start to herm we don’t want to mess anything else up.

And this random girl is under the full spectrum 1000 watt LED which has proven to be one of the best led lights we have ever ran. Penetration of the light from this unit is awesome. 🥳

Cabin Grow

we are getting close to flipping these marshmallow Gobbstopper clones into flower. And cloning definitely saves time for sure and I’m going to guess it knocked off 3 weeks of veg time. we are still wanting to grab a small grow tent so we can take one of these clones and get going on making feminized seeds of this strain....

Seeds from pure smoke boutique
Marshmallow Gobbstopper

This flower yields awesomely in the flower room and also is one of the strains that yields quite high between 19-22% return 🎉 with one of the most killer aromas and effects. and soon we will need to figure out what we need to do to keep this cabin running smoothly through the cold winter

months And really it’s just seeing if we will need a heater installed or not cuz these Vivosun 315 watt CMH lights out off some heat for sure. All of these too sit in five gallon fabric pots. 2 weeks? Maybe? And we should be flipping into flower so we need to get this grow tent so we can isolate one of these girls For the fem seed project