Starting over with new plans, and coming up with a killer plan at that, cabin grow week 4 of flower

New factors playing in how we run wax room....

And new equipment for a better result....


We finally got our Buckner funnel in the other day. We can now winterize our oils more properly and I am being told we can now do isolates which sounds like a great thing to dive into next. Hooking the tubing up to the vac pump and using the proper filters we can now complete the fat and lipid separation after the alcohol wash is at freezing temps. Up until now we have been using mason jars and regular coffee filters. Again not only does this piece help speed that process up but we can now properly pull more out of the solution that was not able to be done before.


yesterday we finally got back on getting our extractions done. Doing a mix run of flower. Using the 12 inch extraction tube we tightly packed the flower material into the column using a wooden dowel. And using new seals and micron screen we ran two cans of pure322 by Meta Vega. and since I have been back I have not been to scientific with anything just trying to figure out how to do wax room and spend time with the family while we have every one together.

Cabin Grow

on week 4 of flower 😂 or close to it. I have not looked at my grow journal for at least a week. Again distracted with other amazing things. we fed this room yesterday full strength Advanced Nutrients “bloom” mix. 10ml of grow and 15ml of micro and bloom to one gallon of water. Using 6 gallons to feed this room. There seems to be a few issues but I believe I had a nutrient issue at some point because we are getting these weird burns that are starting from the center of the sugar leaves. regardless this room is doing awesome for my first “bulk grow”. we have some “sour sorbet” “fem Durban poison” “mendo cookies” and the monster cropped clones are I believe “juicy fruit”.

And here’s that burn I was talking about. 3 out of the 8 clones have this happening and they are for sure in random spots. So exciting tho we finally have this room where we can start pumping out weight.

Temp veg room

4 creature bear og auto crosses, one marshmallow gobbstopper and a monster cropped clone. Of course the autos are already into flower but we will be flipping this room into flower today I believe. We need to take some cuttings from the marshmallow gobbstopper and get our cloner going we have on stand by. We need to get some clonex solution to put into the solution. this room got fed yesterday using advanced nutrients ph perfect technology.

Above are the autoflower of the creature bear og.

veg room

we have about 4-5 more weeks before we start thinking about getting these to the cabin grow. We got that super grape 🍇 haze that we will be turning into a mother plant. We also have two from Pure Smoke Boutique in here that will be added to the flower room when we flip into flower.


Gummies back in stock. 10mg pieces 10 to a pack. 🥳

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