Slow but busy day. extracting and grow room update

we got the 18 inch extraction tube packed yesterday and blasted, quickly. We weighed out 15 grams that were all gifted and we stilo have a few grams left in the Pyrex dish. 55 grams of mixed flower was used for this run. And the two were “divine breathe” and “Hyphy” and we used 3 cans of pure322 organic solvent witch may have been a bit overkill but we got another mixed tube to pack this morning, freeze then blast.

veg room is coming along. Using Vulx volcanic mineral soil amendment for the clones. We will be feeding these girls today there normal mix of ONIT sciences organic grow additive and advanced nutrients. Keeping ph between 6.4 and 6.8 for all our soil grows. Using Fox Farm ocean forest soil. Keeping these things in check using Blue labs combo meter.

got a lot to do today follow us on Instagram, twitter Facebook and linkedin for daily grownroom and extraction updates.

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