Shatter, new carts, flipped to flower, sale πŸŽ‰ πŸ’― πŸ’š

Winterizing & shatter

We finally got the Jesus og winterizing finally done. This is the last few pulls in the vac Chamber with some heat y see it.

and after a good while πŸ˜‚ we finally got it to shatter up

And this came out thick. Weighing 40.1 grams as a total weight this batch came out great. It did come out a bit darker then we like but that is just the strain and age of the material. And this batch was made for the next four small batches of cartridges


taking the total weight of 40.1 and dividing by 4 ( the four flavors we have for carts) allowing us to prepare for 60 carts or so.

The first we started with was β€œog kush”

And this allowed us to make 19 1/2 carts in og kush

Once we mixed the shatter is with the flavor we are then ready to fill the carts

Always hand filling.... for now

And we did the same with the Girl Scout cookie as well πŸ‘‡

Which we did get labeled and we now have 1/2 gram and one gram vapepens in Girl Scout cookie.

And we got the 1/2 gram og kush labeled as well. πŸŽ‰

These 1/2 gram carts hit very well and perform a lot better then the leaking glass ones.

πŸ‘† and the vapepens are on sale at 10 pack bundles shoot us a message if interested πŸŽ‰

Fem marshmallow gobstoppers

and these girls are on week one of flower πŸ₯³ using two Vivosun 315 watt CMH lights we flipped the timer to 12/12. We gave them there first feeding the other day and we watered yesterday so tomorrow we will feed again using Advanced Nutrients at 10ml grow, 15ml micro and 15ml of bloom adding in 8ml of bud candy per gallon of water. Everything will be Heavily defoliated and lollipopped for optimum use of energy, space and light . We are looking at a drip system for the flower room.........

G8LED room

and I broke the dam timer yesterday morning trying to flip to 12/12 so here we got a new better timer we installed

New timer installed and .....

And this room also has been flipped into bloom. These will also get one last defoliating and lollipopin once we got the two week bloom mark. Rainbow gobstoppers and one 🍌 French πŸͺ.

march 26th I leave to go get my daughter for 10 days. So we would like to offer some $$$ knock offs on all of our products. Just hit the signal 774-764-8406 πŸ’― πŸ–€

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