Project blast, new lockable stash box and grow rooms

Yesterday we got our Stash Logix lockable stash box. combination on the front for the lock and smell proof. Customizable Velcro’s compartment.... we got a bit of everything in it for our deliveries.


Here’s a small blast we did yesterday. maybe an 3.5-4.5 grams. Was going for a crumble but then the attention went somewhere else and forgot about about it so we have more of a shatter

Flower Room

We got 6 more days and then we harvest the “slice the pie“ and we start flushing the others day we harvest the other one. Plain ph water to 6.4-6.8 is your ideal ph zone when using soil for a medium. The new grow light we got, 1000 watt equivalent, has got the “slice the pie“ under it finishing off. Looks like it’s fading well.... best one we have done yet. we will sweep and bleach everything before we bring the next three girls in.

Veg Room

Simple Yield Solutions support system on the dairy shake looks like it’s going to be epic now. Lol, we are only planning three girls for the flower room next. So canopys on these three will be bigger then any we have had come through the indoor grow. We got the three monster cropped clones using the Vulx Volcanic mineral amendment at 75 grams per gallon of medium. Using Fox Farm soil for all of our grows and using Advanced Nutrients and ONIT Sciences organic grow additive.


The five new seedlings from Pure Smoke Boutique are looking good. Lol can’t remember the names to well yet but I’m working on it. Popped on the 3rd of this month, these 5 will be staying in the indoorgrow the whole time. The rest of these that are on this T5 table are being planned for the outdoorgrow

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