Packed weekend. Few extractions. Setting up the cloSed loop, Winterizing & grow update.. 🎉 💯 💚

DHO Extractions

the new material we just picked up of the “platinum kush breathe” is some of the best material yet.

we were able to pack 95 grams of flower into the 36 inch tube.

running 4 cans of pure322 organic solvent, find yours at using “waxroom10” will get you a discount. We blasted into the Pyrex dish and allowed the tube to drain.

we then got the Pyrex dish into the warm water bath and allowed the bulk of the solvent to purge.

after The warm water bath we pulled the Pyrex dish from the bowl and we collected the extraction

We came out with 45.1 grams of extract. once collected it then sits for curing to get our sugar sauce and crumble finishes

we also got a 👆 second extraction of the platinum kush breathe done that was also collected for curing.

and this second blast came out to be just over 19 grams.

and honeycomb and I are trying to keep this new lab and grow spot cleaned up. Getting lazy with cleanliness means your Getting lazy on quality, period.

Closed Loop Extractor

awhile back we pick up everything we needed for a closed loop system and using it with pure322 we found out was much different then butane so we stepped back from it till we had the time to start testing it. And so we started bringing everything from the first lab to the second lab and started on it.

and again as we got back into looking at the closed loop, we knew that we can’t purge nor reclaim the pure322 like normal so much testing is required as we move forward with it.

so we thread locked all the fittings and did our best to prep for first test run.

we pulled a vac on the system prior to cam tapping to help with the extraction.

the first test run wasn’t bad but we had two leaks. One was up where the solvent comes in on the very first threaded fitting. The second leak was around the tri clamp on the “splatter platter“.

We re sealed all the fittings and went over all the seals to make sure we didn’t have or won’t have a pinched gasket. We then pulled another full vac on the system and allowing it to sit over night to see if we lose and pressure. And if things are fine come morning we will pack the 6 inch tube and do another test run.

CL Test run winterized

The blast from the closed loop test run got finished extracted open blasting and once the solvent was purged we dissolved it in 190 proof grain alcohol and got it into the freezer for seperation. We will filter this in the morning with our Buckner funnel and start getting batches ready for cartridges once our next batch of full glass come in.

Veg Room #1

Finally able to spend some time at our first location and in our first veg room we have the G8LED C3 which you can find this top model and other grow light models at and under this C3 we have 5 rainbow gobstoppers and only 2 out of 4 banana 🍌 French 🍪 left. We flipped this room to flower so we could properly sex them

And we found 3 males and I do not see and more signs of males but I think a couple more days I. Flower and we should be safe to transplant and flip back to veg.

once ready to flip back to veg we will transplant them into 3 gallon fabric pots.

Vivosun 5x5

We finally brought the strawnana tangilope to the new Vivosun 5x5 and we got her under the 315 watt CMH flowering light which is also by Vivosun, why we calling the “Vivosun 5x5”.

this girl was super branchy. So we had to go through and pull sites that were not getting the proper lighting and anything that was making things cluttered. Again this one was super branch’s and I don’t expect the flowers to get to big as we wanted to veg this for a few weeks longer but at the time didn’t have the room.


we were able to get a few banana 🍌 OG flavored full spectrum carts made up. And they went quick 😛


- pineapple express

- strawberry 🍓 cough

👆 all of our regular flavored carts are full spectrum and are always available. 👇 we will also be offering a new cartridge which is also a full spectrum cartridge and they are 3 times stronger then our regular cartridges and will be available I. “Sour diesel” “gelato“ and “Girl Scout cookie 🍪 “

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