Next Giveaway, secret winner announced, extractions and our plans for the future 🥳 💯 💚

Winner of the secret giveaway

Send me your shipping details to my email at thank you for entering. 🥳

Next Giveaway is NOW!!

rules: 1. Comment below your favorite strain of weed.

2. Leave your IG or CannaBuzz handle and specify which platform your coming from.

that’s it. if you can share this link with others that’s would be great. Inner will receive one of our new full spectrum cartridge in either girls scout 🍪 or sour diesel. Good luck and thank you for participating.


to start the week off we grabbed a QP of some more of the awesome platinum kush breath flower. Again this is the same material we have been getting consistantly for over 3 years. And I know this is going to come out darker then we like but the 👃 on it is 🔥, straight cheesy 🧀 fruit. 🤩

Honeycomb took upon her self to get on the packing. I set her up with the 18 inch tube. We weighed out 90 grams of material and packed it.

We ran 3 full cans of pure322 organic solvent whoch you can find at and using “waxroom10” will get you a discount. We blasted into the Pyrex dish and then prepped the warm water bath.

And this step takes about 8-10 minutes. Once the bulk of the solvent has purged off and the bubbles have stop moving we are ready to collect and start the curing process.

And after 24 hours we are starting to get that sugar sauce forming. Again a bit darker then we like but this stiff is fire 😝 soon enough we will be bavk to the blonde 👱‍♀️. We still have roughly 48 hours before we call it ready. About a week more to get a more solid sugar sauce before it becomes a soft crumble then a crumble. Pure322 is the only solvent that allows such work To be done easily.

Here is the same strain just cured for nearly 6 days. and we will have these 3 gram jars at 100$ for now on... shoot us an email. 💯

Feminized marshmallow gobstoppers

and 💥 🤛 I figured it out... was over watering way too fucking much. test this thesis has just proven it, I think. I allowed the pits to overly dry out and they bounced back... 🤦‍♂️ my fault. So now we are finishing the second round of topping and working on the low stress training. We have the 200 watt full spectrum roughly 30 inches from the tops. We will transplant these girls into 3 gallon pots in a few weeks before moving them into the Vivosun 5x5.

Main operations have moved

so honeycomb and I worked on cleaning up some of the last things we will need for the new location. We will be keeping both of these grow rooms going here but that’s about it. Wax room productions has moved fully to the new location now... but we need a few more big things like a few stainless steel tables 👇

And we also have coming a few new things for the lab that will be a great improvement like some new ptfe seals and screen for the extraction tubes.

And some shipping boxes of course. But we should have all the seals we need now to keep operations moving forward. Using pure322 tears up any normal seals and changing them to ptfe is a must 🥳

Vape/concentrate filling machine

So over the summer i fucking broke the glass syringe in it so it got shelfed and as we started moving equipment to the new spot I was plugging it in and getting it ready for it’s new home and the plug fell and broke the power supply input......

But I got it 😛 and as soon as we get some more funds in we will proceed to get this girl tightened up and we should be at the point in a few months anyway where this machine will be our best friend ..... and I’m working on that now 🤦‍♂️ 😆.

New cartridges coming next

Next flavors coming in are going to be “zkittles” and “og kush”. Pre order your ten pack today!!!

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