New “WRP” branded products, grow room update.


new “Wax Room Productions” branded cartridges are coming out this week. We got this logo silk screened onto the glass part of the cart instead of the ceramic tip. We have a 100 count coming and if sales go good with these new carts we will be putting in a much larger order. Originally ordered in black, there coming in white 😂 which is fine. Watch for these and other awesome “WRP” branded products. 🎉

Genetics by attitude sees bank

we got our feminised beans in the other day from Attitude Seed Bank. We got two free beans with our six we ordered. And I’m sorry I honestly forget what strains I ordered but the two free ones are “fruit salad” photoperiod and a haze xxl autoflower. all of these will be planned to be popped sometime soon in the future. But I do believe we will be popping on at a time of not two at a time and will be creating some new mother plants as they pop.


today we start are cloner up. The 12 site cloner is going to become my best friend. we be pulling at least 6 clones from the marshmallow gobbstopper (from Pure Smoke Boutique) and get a test round of clones through the new cloner. We picked up this clonex cloning solution at Emerald City Hydroponics.


these two are also from Pure Smoke boutique and they were miss sexed and were thought to be males b but they are showing to be females now. So we got them out of the one gallon pots and into 3 gallon fabric pots. Watered them in....

Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and I feel like these need to be somewhere else then besides these rooms. They were not trained nor taken care of properly in the beginning because they were thought to be males but I think we can do something cool with these.


with the new princess in town things have been a little bit more difficult to keep things flowing but we are starting to figure it out (specially with Honeycomb715 by my side, she is great and is starting to see how we can keep this going) and we got the 12 inch extraction tube packed up with 3 different kinds of flower. We then ran two cans of pure322 organic solvent and left the Pyrex dish in the warm water bath..... I will be collecting it up later today. And I do expect a pretty good yield of this blast. Soon enough we will be back to videos and showing more of the operation.

your prayers and support is greatly appreciated. We have come into a heart breaking situation..... my HERO is not doing well. 😢 I don’t know what to do. Well know more today. 💯 ❤️

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